Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tan Trend..

Hey Dude.....As u know that summer almost arrived and that's mean that we need a new style and look. And for this summer i prefering a tan looking for men, boys or whatever. Cause i think after a pale seasons that we need a little bit of warming up the tone...

And myself already do some, or a little bit of tan...And i love it so much. Before i think about i would look darker than everybody, but my tan give me some of the healthy glow on my skin....and its really warming up my tone...However to said "I love it really much" and feels like summer already hit me....Let me share some of the picture to show u guys about my before after look....

my look before tan.....its not pale, but i like this look too 

 after tan....can u see the different between before picture up there ??

which look that u like better or better look on me ? tan or natural bright ?

Im not doing a really lot of tan, but i just do a really little bit cause i still want my natural skin tone but i just want that glow and bronze,,,,,,,so all of u men, boys, why dont u get your tan ?? dont be afraid to do , just try cause maybe this look will work on you...will be sexy...Hope u like it...Enjoy



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