Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy B'day cya*

Happy b'day cya.....i know this not a thing....and i can't make a better picture cause my PC always do a gross thing.....error....However happy b'day to ya....and hope a great wishes to you...i love u friend.....



10 facts about me...(Random)

I got tagged by someone to do this.. 10 random facts about me....i know its not a important things...but yeah.....just for fun

- I really really hate lizzard...or any kind of them, cause they're so freaking hate    them....

- I'm crazy about skincare, i love skincare really much..mask, cream, anything about it i    i always busy with my skins thinggy....and tricky about my everyday skins routine..      (ssshttt..)..

-I got a new close friends symptom...thats mean if i got a new friends and feel like i will be close   to him/her than suddenly i will be bored about that people without any reason for a    moment...get it ?its not because he make a mistake or hurt me, but everything will be okay  soon,,,,,,thats just a nature adaptation...(i think)

- I addicted to neon things...i love neon colour, and i always feel confident about it....thats like       my style...

- I love to meet a new people and make a new dont u be afraid to hang with me

what else...hmmmmm

- I have a secret skin routine about how to make my face like healthy glow and fresh without       any

- I love beyonce and christina aguilera...i love them so much....owh and britspears......they   got a    fabulous voice that no one have....jealous

-I love mashed potato, D'crepes , sushi, everything about chocolate.....and what    else....oeh   everything...i love to eat....owh...and choco crunchy ever,,,,,,hahaha

- I had been studied in china.....and i can speak mandarin,,,,,i love it....hahaha

- I always wanted about being adopted by kimora lee simmons.....i love her really much and   everything about going fabulous

i think that's it.........i'll do another facts about me soon...its why dont u tag yourself to do fun...maybe we would know each other after the facts.....



Finally...test over,,,,

AGGGGHHHHH !!!!!! im so happy.....I crazy...dont know what to say.....i finish all of the sucks happy......

Omg.....i should says thx for every prayer that u guys send to me.....

sosososos thx friends,,,,,my family........grrr im crazy.....



Sunday, April 26, 2009


Me found the best pen ever.....I dont know whats its call so i called it "pen clay" . However i think this is the best pen ever, because this pen can help u when u feel the thing that u need just put the shapes that u want in front of the mouth hole, and put the clay inside the clay hole, and than press the handle and....VOILA u will get some fun...

i dont know how to describe about this pen, but i hope u can imagine what i describe up there...So go to the book store (paper clip, kinokuniya, ect...)...make sure to get one, cause its gona be the next "IT PEN..." and i could make sure you'll get some fun when got boring





Sour sally VS

Sous sally got 2 flavour, green tea and original, but Sour sally got to win with its green tea flavour...its worth to taste...and u should try the mochi toppings, so fancy...i love it and its made me addicted for that green tea.....

Recommend toppings for sour sally : Mochi, strawberry, all the fresh fruits... yogurt got to win with its original taste,they got a lot of toppings to choose, and its not expensive at all....

recomend toppings for : choco caviar, choco chips, oreo, almonds

so i love all of them, cause they got their own pros and cons...

so go find and try it yourself, its worth.........I love yogurt.....LOVE



Thursday, April 16, 2009

White shoe on trend

    White formal or leather shoes, whatever...i dont know what  that shoes call..But anyway white shoes are in trend  for a moment...I  saw all the men wearing that shoes almost guys, take your own white shoes out from the dusty old box, and wear them on street, walk on your everyday runway... Rock your shoes

    Simple blouse, jeans, t-shirt, cardigan, sweater or anything else simple will look perfect on this snow white shoes. and you will get the classy, clean, elegant look...So all of the men, why dont you go an get one, its worth, its made you look like a billion.....

stiletto feel on your body languange, and the lady man



Chanel Briefcase Bag

Hey ladies....Are you girls ready for this invisible chanel briefcase bag ?

Are you girls dare to bring this thing out to the street ?

Are you ready to show your personal, privat stuff in there ?

Are you girls  know what i mean ?



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Old makeover picture....

   Hey people, im here just want to share little bit about old makeover photo (not really old, but a little bit old). So here's some of my client makeover shoot....Sorry obout the picture quality, i will try my best to do more better than this....


All of the picture are real, not A photoshop job.....Its pure my handworks...i just add some contrast on the after picture.....So hope u guys enjoy it...Wait for my another makeover picture.



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

MAC hello kitty collection

I know its kind a late to post about MAC hello kitty collection. But that's ok..So, Ladies and girl , Stand on your hells, and take a grab on MAC HELLO KITTY COLLECTION......all of your dream come true with this fancy little white cat brand...So go to the mac counter an grab some of them..Cause this cute stuff will make u feel unexpected cuxy ( cute and sexy)
For more information just go to the MAC cosmetics website . Hurry up cause all really limited...


Back to Black on Leather

   Leather is the happening fabric, that u can see almost on every runway show on 2009 . Before, i think leather is a fashion big no no on the street, cause i see that fashion items were use by lot of bikers & people who rode motorcycle. And some of the leather stuff will make u look like a naughty or wild something So that why i was thinking about that unstylish things is a big no no....

    But afterwards i change my mind, its being the most wanted fashion items for me right now, because most of the designer made a wonderful stuff with that fabric. Leather will make u look simple with a elegant, with a little bit of futuristic and gentle touch.

    I try really hard to find my perfect leather jacket or leather items , but that's really hard to find. Lot of that stuff that i found  not match and work on my body. But i still try to find one...just one and thats ok....When i still keep dreaming, let me share some of the 2009 fashion weeks picture..

 D&G 2009 fall MEN collection 

Diesel black gold 2009 collection

So why dont u try to find one, its a must have items on this season....




  Men got a passion in fashion...This not a joke anymore, not the time to laugh about this. "Straight men don't care about fashion or style, men who care about that was a drag." Thats what the old period people said..Everything were different now, its become the opposite about that old note..Forget about the trash notes....

  In this modern century, MEN always care about STYLE....In fact lot of that guys dress better than some of that girls...And some of that guys knows fashion better than ladies..They know how to style, how to dress, how to mix and match. And men know how to dress like a million with out a billion...So dont look down for the MEN, cause maybe we will have a better sense on it..

So here we go boys, from today dont be shy to show your style, cause you got that spotlight now.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Welcome in my world

Hey Hallo people all around the world... Welcome to my blog....This Blog will be a PUBLIC DIARIES for me.....So you guys will know about my everyday activity,  rambling,  haul,  News, condition and everything...So excited to meet yo all all around the world...Im really love to meet people

So keep comment me, gimme request so i will know what u need to know and lets share..But smack your rude comments, cause u gross me up... So keep following me please, cause i can make sure thAt u wont get dissapointed....LOVE YA OLL.