Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sexy little tips " sexy little gift "

Hello people ?? How's your day ?? Anything fun going on ??
Just to be honest, I think for 5 more months I gonna mess up with my schedule.
Because this gonna be my last year in senior high, so I should put education as my priority.
Which mean 5 month from now I'm not gonna take bunch of crazy schedule of job, well maybe I can still do blog, I'll working hard on that.
Actually I realize that I should do more beauty review, as I'm working with bunch of great products, so
I had to share my honest opinion about that.
But what challenge me to do review is, I can't try the product on my face just like other beauty blogger, I don't want my mom to hack my blog and burn my beauty product and send me to military school cause I put lip gloss and blush on my self, lols..
Hope that's okay with u....

So this week , we're back with "sexy little tips with wacoal and me " new episode
In this episode we wanna show u about, how to get wacoal product online.
Well, in case u want to buy some sexy wears to your partner but don't want visit the counter cause you're afraid to be akward and don't want people to think that you're hypersex or weirdo.
Than we come to rescue and show u the best way to get it easily....
Come and check the video and have fun with it...

FYI: as I promise in my previous wacoal post, that I gonna post the wacoal 30th fashion show report, I tried to upload it to YouTube for soooo many time , but each time, I always got problem with the music policy...
well, please tell me if u still looking forward to that? If u say so, I'll try to upload it once again....

That's it guys, hope you're enjoying my post and have fun with it. And thanks a lot for stopping by, love u people...
And please stay fab....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

VIDEO OF THE DAY : Yao Kin Sim Ai Sui

Hey guys. How are u ??
i just want to share something fun with u guys...
i found this video on my friend's wall post, and from the first time i watch the video i just cant stop laughing.
so i hope this video could brighten up your weekends...
and please...please watch this, totally fun !!!
i give the best credits to this talented Medanesse guy, cause he dare to jump out..
why ? as far as i know , lots of medanesse are arrogant and not into wide community..
big applause to him..
He got Swag...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grace's special gift

Happy 25th B'day.
we brought u a memories video, so hope your 25th b'day could be memorable..
not all of us can get u a materially worth present, but i hope this video could be memory last.
well actually i know this is not the best present that u can deserve, but we actually did our best, and hope you like it as much as i do...

this video is made 1 hour before u're coming back from preaching, and before u come by to touch up...
and as u can see, i record mine in the bathroom at the event....LOLS
Hope this video could bring back some of your special memories during the 25 years....