Saturday, July 31, 2010


hey guys...please tell how to upload photo from photobucket or going to post my hongkong vacation pic here to u all...and every picture that i upload from photobucket, turn into something like this...CUT IN HALF
please tell me what happen with this, so i can post zillion of pict here....ok ?
so if u know what happen with this, please send me email.
im waiting for u to help....

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Star in The city

Geez finally im back again dear all of my promise ill post more often by now, and work hard on my noting much to say,,,,i miss u all guys and welcome back here....
so here's my fashion post again after long time no fashion to show...haha...okay, movie day is so fun, so im trying to wear something dare to be stylish.....hahaha..that day i've watch the awsome sex and the city movie....i wish i have that life when im old....stylish is the rule no matter what...

i loove my Tommy Hilfiger polo.....its really fun since i love star, and its everywhere...i feel dashing by this oversized stuff....

i get this blue whatever pants long time ago, and im trying to use it again, haha. dont tell me that it look like pajamas, just like my sister did to me. dont u know its a expensive stuff...hahaha..and fiona, u're the first one to say that this is a pajamas.....ghroooar, i feel spark on this.....

necklace by drole
shop, its so goergeous...go and visit them and get your cool stuff...

chocolate bar that i steal it from my cousin, its taste cute and yummy....good partner for movie...hahaha..

so thanks for u guys


Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey Hey,,,quick update...
once again sorry for late post, well actually, im not lazy at all. But i dont have time lately even on my holiday. now time im back to school, and im sooo busy to work hard on this grade, im trying to get a better score than i work really hard for this time and trying to have a quick adaptation, so i can back to my normal routine, because n ow, i dont even have time for my english pray for me to get everything much more better this grade...lots of change in this grade, well im in eleventh grade right now and taking social class (as u know im really bad on physic yeah) . so imagine 10 hours for economic and geography, its mean sometimes we meet a same teacher for crazy work on that two....
and another reason is, my pc of course...i didnt get my new one till now....viruses everywhere, i dont even dare to plug my card reader or usb to my not stupid to bring viruses everywhere. i know, im trying to installed a anti viruses for so many times, but its still doesnt work,,,,,geez what kind of viruses is that ?? AIDS ??
So just wait please, i promise u and its true, i will do a lots of post after i can plug my camera to somewhere that can connect to my internet, but not to my sist's laptop, i hate to borrow stuff from pray for me, this month....Hongkong Post, makeover shoot, photo shoot, and lots more to wait,,,

Skincare Routine

Hi guys, i want to share my skincare products that i looove for this season...well i really into skincare after i found that i have a sensitive skin, which i never ever thinking about it before.....and after that i always find my way to get rid of thats why people always said that i have a tricky face i want to share with u, how do i work on my face care, and what product that works wonders on a sensitive skin just like please read and learn...

Black Sugar Mask Wash Off

Well its written as a brown sugar Mask Wash Off, but for me, its just like a face scrub, with black sugar and honey maybe or lemon, that really could moisturize ur face, and the black sugar will take all of your dead skin cells...i think its a real brown sugar, and its really harsh, so this why it will remove all the dead skin really well, and made ur skin glow..and its smells soooo yummy, kinda like lemon scent...i like it soo much...i use it twice a week, and its really wonders....


Aquasource toner, by not a big fans of the toners...but this time im really give a chance for this one..yeah and this toner love me too, its doesnt break me out, not like other toner, that love to pop my face with acne....nothing much to say about this, i just like this stuff, its really lift the left dirt that i cant wash it off after wash my face....and its wonders...


This aquasource by biotherm is my fave right a water person, i love water, and cant lives without it....and why not for m face care..this moisturizer made from spa ingredient from Thermal Spring Water, and its moisturize ur face for 24 hours non stop...well i have a combination skin, and sometimes its tend to oily. so i've just use this stuff at night time, before bed, because when sleep, we all need many water supplies to our body, so same as my face, its need some moisture in the 6 hours of air conditioner condition. this product was so moisture, so its tend to oil during day time, and no matter how sensitive my skin are, and people told me to skip the moisturizer, im going to keep this, because its did really well and dont break me out


And i call this magic water, its almost can do anything from refresh our face, created a dewy glow, base spray, skincare, and its also could made ur eyeshadow's colour pop for more....i loove this, i use this every morning, i spray it twice to my face, and its really wondersss....i look like having a 8 hours sleep, and hyderated enough....

okay, thanks for reading, i'd hope this post can help u.....try the product that i listed up there too, and find how do i like it....