Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prom Up To Toe ( girl)

Hey zone...Just count on day for Prom...U never want to look weird and always want to look outstanding on the party right ?? So now's the time to prepare all of that, Up to toe must be perfect....So let me share a little bit idea about what to wear and how to follow the trend without looking too much....Just work on your style girls.....

Hairdo: The  queen of this year is  UPDO...Its just simple but  its really help  to make a million classy look...love it...click here to find how to make a perfect simple updo by your self...

Makeup :  2 options here. The first is sexy nude, in this makeup look just need to play around with your complexion. U need a really flawless healthy glow skin without any breakout, scars or  blemish...Go and play around with the  long lashes  and awake natural eyes, so u got something to show without looking dead..

The second is, naturally fresh summer look....this was just my favourite. Great gor summer.The main idea about this look was the  bright pink cheek and lips....This look already successed in a milion time....soft green eyeshadow and white eye pencils are the posions for your eyes..

Accessories :  Chunky necklace is the rope....Big chunky necklace could  made attention on your plain dress...remember to found somethings smaller if u got a lot of pattern on your dress, cause u dont want  to look too much
Feather  chunky necklace were hot for this seasons..

Dress: For this year, i choose something sexy and short without a bitches looking....So cocktail dress is one of my fave....
Try ruffles cocktail dress will be fun...I love this heatherette dress... .I love heatherette

Dare to wear something shock, so just back to something original white...this just simple..But find the unique one for show up or you will just look like that another girls
Bag: Clutch bag is must on your hand....Never bring your  everyday bag to prom...cause that will make u look like a bag lady....Just find something match your  look and simple small, go get your lipgloss, powder, concealer and phone...that just okay..

Shoes: Pump heels is a must have items for this seasons....Im speechless about this fashion items. Its remind me about Barbie girl, everyone could look like barbie with this shoes...So thats why i choose this items.....love it 

That's it girls....Hope this little idea could help you.....Remember just work your style....



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