Monday, April 30, 2012

Indonesian beauty blogger 1st Gathering

Hello people !!!
i've been missing blogging so much, and missing my reader so freaking much !!
as always, how are u people ?
As you guys know or probably not, im DONEEEE with my senior high school, WOHOOOOOO !!!
So now, im so ready to come back to my dear blogging world , and i'll blog constantly again.
Ok, so back to business.
Well if you're following indonesian beauty blogger on facebook, u guys probably knew about the first gathering for indonesian beauty blogger that based in jakarta city, that held on last saturday at COFFEE CABIN.
since i got nothing to do, and my blogger fellas been asking me to join the event, so why not to join than.

When i first arrived there, i've been given the warmest welcome from Stella lee and Marcelle, and of course the other blogger. Its been a loooong time missing them. I haven't met them for more than six month , but thanks god that we still keep in contact. Feel touched by them...

To be honest im not sure about how to blog about this, since im not getting much great photo because of the poor lighting. And also, im so into the event until i forgot to took the picture. But i'll try to give the best from my camera.

Our favorite host of the day. Stella Lee and Mada Foe ...
they're introducing the concept of the indonesian beauty blogger community and something about the event...
good job girls !!!!!

Than we've been asked to introduce ourself one by one.
im so sorry but there's only 2 blogger that got a great shoot with a great lighting.
i got blur, dark , and shaky shoot with other. Of course im not doing this on purpose.
and yet I don't mind if you want to blame.......MY CAMERA.

Christabella Nathania , one of the sweetheart at the event.

Carryna pratiwi , she's the person behind our LOGO...awesome rite ?

And the most fun part of the event !!!
of course as a beauty blogger, the games are not gonna be far away from cosmetics using.
Here they challenged to create 2 minutes smokey eyes...

The funny thing is, this games is a lie since everyone got the prize afterward. but who care, its all about fun !!!
just look at this picture, look at that little blonde girl..can u see ??
i hate her...why she always looking good on camera, major cuteness of stella in this picture...
i gotta learn from her....

after the fun part, here's the craziest part of the day !!!
karaoke time !!!
of course, Endi Feng taking the first step to the hot floor.
he totally the star of the day..
he's the funniest guy that i ever met....

Can't get enough crazy with this both crazy kids collaborating for the korean song...
its freaking insane, how can they read the korean letter without any spelling...

Well at the end of the day, the event were amazing and very fun, the day was fulfilled with laugh and love.
Meeting my blogger besties really made my day. And the other were inspired me to do better effort with blogging.
And again, im very very sorry for lack of picture that im having. sorry for the other blogger that missed in the picture, But i love u guys all the same and looking forward to meet u guys all again.

So that's all for now.
hope u enjoy the post and have fun with it..


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