Monday, October 18, 2010

Blue Bash Day !!!

Hey Guys !!! long time not updating something about what i wear, so today i just bring u one of that. Last week i just had a loots of event going on, and one of it was my school open house. And my school gave me a huge opportunity for me, they ask me to host that event. its was so challenging, i need to hosting a 6 hour event and its non stop, me and another host need to stand by on stage for 6 hours, and cant be out of idea to promote our own school. But its was totally fun and i got a blast....

So today i just want to show u about what i wear that day !!! i want to play simple, sporty ,and youthful...the challenge was how to be standout just by wearing a simple and fun outfit...So i just decided to wear a polo shirt, its never out of date !!!
i just looove my blue Quicksilver polo shirt, and my blue LE nike sneakers, thats to die for...owh and also my first ever real eyewear ( i mean real glasses for problem eye )by Dior....looove......

And what another thing to die for ?? its my fave accessories by Drole Shop . im a huge fan of her acrylic accessories, because it just sooo unique, and doubt free...
Look at those Gun Rings !!! thats my new favorite, The owner gave me that gorgeous ring when we meet at the fashion show at the day before, she's real good.....And tell u the truth the thing that standout from me before my shoes were those two drole project (necklace and ring ). And it catch everyone eyes....
So what to wait ?? Go and Visit Drole Shop And get your pair as soon as possible !!! its worth...

(FYI: im not advertising drole product because of those sponsored rings, but thing that i post as a advertise is the thing that i really really like )


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girl Next Door !!!!

Hey guys, here's another makeover post again.....Today's fabulous client name's Terrence Tiffany. She's so gorgeous and funny.. And i've got the responsibility to did her 17teen b'day makeover. We've been talking about it since before, we die to created a sexy smoldering smokey eyes, and nude lips. So its kind a rocking sexy and hot girl. But at that day i realize that everything that we talking about cant be happened because i saw her dress was too girly for that kind of look. So we change the plan.

So we created a fresh face makeup, paired with a soft smokey eyes, and natural pink lips, and thx god, its works wonder on her !!! and she really rock the smokey eyes that i put on her...

Before ....before.....before...

her eyes was naturally gorgeous even without makeup !!!! i looooove her eyes and complexion !!!


So thats it !!!! i just hope u like it, and thx for stopping by and follow me.....u know i looove u guys a lot.....and please keep support me thru my blog, please do read and follow !!! i would happy to have u here !!!

Egyptian Goddess Makeover

Hey guys !!! finally after 3 weeks for no updates at all. I have too many things to do, tons of project, homework, test, jobs , and i just need to did it in a row, and im sick of it and too never mind, im back with another makeover post....So i did this makeover to my besties just last week, and i want to show it to you now...Its really fun to work with her, because we so excited to did this egyptian themed makeover for her friend's sweet 17teen party....we've been busy with the dress, we make it our own. Really fun to find the right fabrics and choose a design, and i just really pushed her to wear a long dress and try to be different from all, and we deal with those....

For her makeup, we just wanted to created a clean matte gold reflected skin, and her complexion should be flawless and pale. And also a strong contour for nose and cheek bone...And we play with the dramatic double winged liner which is very "cleopatra". And paired with a nude lips which is her favorite from all , she hate gloss. And just play safe with her hair, a soft voluminize wavy hair never gone wrong for her....

After school look.....tight schedule, i just have about one and half hour to created her hair and face...



Yes thats it, i hope u like it.....And thx for stopping by and still following me till now.....btw sorry for the picture i think it not turn out like what i want, i still working on my camera than, its so complicated...hahaha...
thx all, and i love u all !!!!