Friday, July 17, 2009

New school adventure....

  hey hey back, after 3 days of the adventurous student orientation moment at my new school....Hahaha...So this time i want to share about what i do and what i feel, because this is my first extremly adventurous time, maybe of my life..soo here we goo...

 So first of all 15th july is the new day for me, cause u know new school, friends, routine..It just made me sooo nervous. So at the first day we had a opening ceremony for new students (not important) and after that tatatata the adventurous time was just begin...We going to the class with our own group, and do u know i was shock because im not in the same class with my friends so im alone huehuehue...but that okay..So the elder came in to my class and begin to act that made me shock cause i never done this before.....they act fierce and firm so thats really shock me, but i always try my hard to stay in control cause i don't want have any problem..Every thing was just really shame at the first time, we had to greet our senior with a MJ style, we should wear a round name tag and wearing the half soccer ball hat and red long shock , sack backpack, bean tie and bring something that we need to guess by our self at the second and third day, and always shout ...We need to got all the senior signature its was just so hard time, but whatsoeva, i just dont want to give up and always try to do my matter for me to sleep really late, and i just realize i dont eat any rice for 2 days, cause i dont have much time to eat, all the thing that i do was just work work and pray.....and thanks god 3 days and i well done....i done everything really well....i have all of my atribute and senior signature (proud of my self sorry) haha, so if not complete the mission they got the shoutout and lipstick drawing...haha this the fun part, i dont get the lipstick guys cause i have complete every stuff, its okay cause 6 of us got shout before but after that they gently tell us that we had the most complete signature...So my opinion about my student orientation time were fuuuuuunnnn, however to tell u the truth no any senior that rude to me, and no one shout on me, im pretty sure, so thats why i love them and i had lots of fun....most of the senior that i like was just a lot....everyone was just nice to me....hahah maybe thats because i have a red lips...haha kidding....but to make sure no one of the senior that i hate....well just one but whateva....

So at the end of the student orientation time they all...all of them say apologize to all of us, say sorry and shake a all of u guys dont u cross purpose, the senior not doing a score to settle with but that was to form the strongen mental of we're not have a junior kids mental anymore, but all of us need to be like a senior high school....and all of them were nice in reality.....shout, fierce and firm was just the all of us just need to be patient and do what we need to do...and responsible to our job...... that's my opinion, and feel and need to cross purpose...haha thanks  to all of senior and i just really proud about what i have seen, cause u guys really do like a real senior....



Monday, July 13, 2009

Friends as always

Hey's so sad and happy about moving to the new people, new routine, new friends, and of course new uniform.....haha but its kindda sad to leave everything old, old friends, old situation, and old routine....i just don'y know can i get comfortable with this new routine, i hope so..But  however guys, before u goes to something new i guess u maybe have a old problem in maybe  former school, office, friends..and i just wanna give u guys some advice...hey, please solve the problem before you go....maybe some of u guys thinking about leave it behind, but its wrong, that may haunting u, imagine u have been in a new situation and new everything but in your heart u still hiding a problem that u cant seek....moving...

And i guess lot of that problem is something about friends....sure it is...lot of teenager have this problem, but back to how u solve the hole..maybe some of u guys think...yeah leave it behind, i moving to a new school and got lot of new friends so whateva, just forget it...but its a big wrong for me...however that friendship hole still haunting u especially a best friends hole, u really can't go before it clear....and dont think about lets stop it, u're not my friends anymore....come on...dont be like that is never flat right and  friendship always have a problem, just understand each other and believe, communication also an important stuff....and 1 problem cant stop the friendship, because problem ,ade us know each other better.....don't be afraid with problem and please trust each other...and tell your friends about what ur thingking about...hiding behind is not a good stuff, people may thinking something bad about you....just out and speak up...and i could make sure this would be clear.....remember life is always how's u act in your reality show, so no lie.....

hm..i just hope everything just clear before we spread.....and still friends no matter what.....i understand u guys and im here just want to help u guys to give a idea before everything gone wrong....ahah..being a truthteller not a storyteller.....i love u guys no matter what...



Friday, July 10, 2009

Boy's summer sets...

This set would me my summer inspired you know before (if u follow my post) i already post something about my signature style..u know pop colour neon, toy accessories and everything fun...and the end of this summer holiday style, i fall in love with something pale and loose,  bald colour...haha im really fall in love with my today's style...and i love here's the inspired picture...

This set featuring:


 Single-breasted waistcoat
180.00 GBP -

74,00 EUR

 BILLABONG Know It All Wallet

 O'NEILL Cavalera Wallet - White

1,998.00 GBP -

 Naea Patterned Woven Shawl at Barneys New York

 Mens G-Star Scuba Elwood Narrow Record Jean
120.00 GBP -

 Vanessa Bruno Athé Jersey V-Neck Tee

 Freda Frame Patent Bag - FCUK
99.95 AUD

 Ugg Classic Short Sand Boots [#UGG008] - $73.00 :

 AllSaints | Accessories | Scarves Ambrin Shawl
60.00 GBP

 Popupshop Button Dress
$59.00 -

 Mens Crafted Bootcut Double Button Jeans
29.99 GBP -

 Nollie Loose Fit Printed Pocket Tee -

 "Live, Love, Laugh" Sterling Ring at The Hunger Site
$12.95 -

 Sweat Jersey Beanie Hat
8.00 GBP -

 Buffalo Plaid Fedora
$7.99 -

Indigo cuffed hareem trousers
7.00 GBP-dorothy perkins

 Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette - No. 2 N2

 Rosebud Perfume Co. Minted Rose Lip Balm 0.8 oz
$7.00 -

 BADgal plum mascara : Benefit Cosmetics

 Stila Precision Eyeliner Brush - # 4S ( Short Handle )

 Missha - M Watery B.B Cream SPF 27 / PA++ 50ml

 Gucci Reading Glasses

 Black 'Union Jack' holdall
22.50 GBP

 Button back newsboy Gap

 Make Up For Ever Aqua Black Waterproof Cream Eye Shadow

 Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish

Donna Karan DKNY Red Be Delicious

Happy pastel summer guys..



Summer party sets....

This sets was the summer party inspired i play with some nude colour with a pop of u have a summer light in a sexy night.....i'd hope this could inspired you guys about what to wear and how to style
Summer party set
This set featuring :
Alexander McQueen Stretch lace bandage dress
 Lanvin Glass stone-embellished earrings
 Lanvin Glass-embellished ring
 Betsey Johnson 'Dream Closet' Multi Chain Charm Necklace
 Bustier Ruffle Dress
70.00 GBP
 Cobalt Couture Clips
 Wonderland Headband
 Footless Lace Tight
 FULL TILT Guitar Cuff Bracelet
 Yellow, Cognac and White Diamond Brooch in 18K
 CHANEL - Chanel Black Quilted Walk Of Fame Bag w/CC Buckle - Authentic Bags...
 Sea of Diamonds | 14k White Gold Pink Tourmaline Flower Diamond Ring (3.20...
369,00 EUR
 Icône Suede Platform Court Shoes
181.00 GBP
 Ben-Amun Multi Chain Pearl Charm Bracelet
165,00 EUR
 Ruffle Chiffon Dress
 Yellow Patent Slingback Peep Toe Heel Pump
 Rock Rebel - 'Vampire Fangs' Style Pendant Necklace (Silver)
12.00 GBP
 Satin Bow Skinny Headband
 NARS Orgasm/Laguna Blush Bronzer Duo and Orgasm Nail Polish Set ($53 Value)...
 MAKE UP FOR EVER Face & Body Liquid Makeup Ebony 48
 Make Up For Ever 5 Camouflage Cream Palette - No. 2 N2
$36.00 -

 Make Up For Ever UV Prime SPF 50/PA +++
Make Up For Ever Glossy Full Couleur 2
$19.00 -

 MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Eyes Mat Black 0L
 Make Up For Ever Sheer Lipstick Clear T00
 Victoria's Secret - Refreshing Body Mist
MAC Hello Kitty Collection
Accessories BrokenHear...
16,90 EUR
Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish
Hope you girls love it...haha

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Soubrette jewellery

Im really addicted with lot of accessories that unique and hard ti find..and this accessories designer just catch my  eyes....she design every thing with the full of creative soul....haha so thats why i love this product....
just check her website and find lot more charmie inside

Sillimilly shop

Accessories made by a creative georgeous local people.....
Just Check the website....she made a gorgeous simple and cool accessories...i love it..and want the paper lomo necklace..i gonna purchase it soon..

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer's shoe fave

Today's shoe.....i got an eye on this neon bright bape shoes...and this catch my eye...and love this, colour...yey that was just really me, and i choose this for my summer's footwear fave..haha.love2 love2 this stuff....and let me know what your fave foot wear at the moment......



Stupid apologize

Hey zone...haha....however im sorry cause its need a long time to do update cause i always got problema when uploading photo....however im sorry before cause im sooo dumb.....its hard to uploading photo not because the internet connection, but im just so stupid that i dont know if want to uploading something to internet u just need to compress picture before....hhahaha but now i know how.and i promise to you guys that i will always do update as possible that i can....

love ya...



Happy b'day to fiona (10-07-2009)

 Today's B'day ladies....haha...Fiona.....just want to say happy b'day and all the best wishes to you....just keep it up and reach your shining star....