Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bronzing up (Q-A)

Hey girls.....here u are makeup lesson by me...and today let me text some about bronzer...lets do little question and answer...

Q: what is bronzer ?

A:Bronzer is a cosmetic substance that is applied to the skin to give it a bronze colour.

Q: what that do ?

A: its may give u the sunkissed look and warming up your skin tone if u have a pale skin. and      maybe some of them will give you that tan look and of course natural glow

Q: how to do that sunkissed look and what's the tips ??

A: to get that sunkissed look, u shouls choose the right bronzer before...And u should apply it in the way really gentle with your big powder brush and apply it on the part of your face part where the sun will naturally hit u....but the usual sunkiss zone was on the forhead, nose and hi part of your cheek...but some of us will have the different sunkiss zone, so go find that yourself.....


Q: how to find the right bronzer ?

A: the perfect bronzer was something not too orange for you and dont have shimmer...so just match it with your skin tone.....

Q: what bronzer that works well ??

A: A lot....MAC, stilla, cargo, bourjois....everything thats match u......but i choose the body shop bronze collection cause they are really natural and match for most of the asian (medium to dark) tone....


i'd hope this may help u........leave me comment and request if u want.......i'll do another Q-A if got request or need.....



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