Friday, May 15, 2009

Hana Dating Look..

Yesterday me and hana were done a makeup look again.....she's going to date with her boyfriend , so me as a good friend wanted to did a cute makeup on her.....cause she has a bad skin and tired day at the's the look.....I forget to capture the before photo, so i use the former before photo..

In this look, i don't play much eyeshadow, i play with the eyeliner and the blush....

I use the golden yellow eyeshadow all over the lid and the white eyeshadow on browbone...I create a cat eyeliner on her so its will her eyes look awake and bigger, and i use the dark purple colour liner for the lower lashline ....and for the blush i use a pink peach cream colour blush for the base and peach blush on it, so the colour would more vibrant and stay....and for the lips i use the soft baby pink lipstick and pink lipgloss.....

hope u like it.....gimme comment and request....



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