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Hi there, Im Franky Wu, was born in Jakarta on 26th December 1992, it was a pleasure for me to being born from a proud half Indonesian half HongKongese parents.
Recently, I’m a registered student at one of the university in Jakarta, majoring advertising. With 6 years of experience creating faces, building confidents ,  coloring souls,  you can now pronounce me as a Professional Makeup Artist

I became a beauty enthusiastic since early 2008, which made me become a amateur Makeup explorer as a 8th grader. After one year of exploring with tons of product, tons of faces, I decide to deliver a new fresh baby in a blogging word named REBZONE DAILY in hopes to share experiences and journey from walking in beauty and fashion world. By the time, i realize that beauty is diversity, so i can proudly said that Im a male beauty blogger and confidently shares every knowledge that i know about beauty.

After 6 year running, I’d hope that I would be able to empower and inspiring more people who came across this blog, with all the picture that i took and words that i share.

Perhaps, I do believe that beauty and fashion is an art, so there’re no boundaries at all to be creative and to inspire.


For any general and business inquiries
( Frankywu_business@yahoo.com)


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