Friday, March 25, 2011

Weird Status Update

Hey guys, im back again..and today im going to talking about weird status update....I believe that u already know what i mean..This kind of status update is soooo "nothing to say" i mean like they kinda love to do many more expose with their personal life....Hey come on, social network is so much different from your diary, once you say it, world will know it....So better count on what u showing from now, before people start to call u *LAY .....Ok im joking.....before haters catch me here....never mind about that okay...
who's in with me....


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blog awards

Olla guys,,,,,here i am, back again with another random blog post....This time im going to do a tag about 7 random things about me, that's the only thing i know about this i've been tagged by MADA FOE and A cup of jenns , so thank u very very much for tagging me....And giving me this versatile blogger and stylish blogger award
. so im really no idea with this award, but i think its just pretty cool..So once again thanks a lot for tagging me and give me this awards...
So here we go.....!!!!!

he rules of these awards :

- Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your blog
- Tell us 7 things about yourself
- Award 7 recently discovered new bloggers
- Contact these bloggers and let them know they've received the award(s)


(FACT 1) Im franky wu, 18 years old...and im a freelancer makeup artist and immature photographer.......And i also a student of senior high, for you guys who wondering...That's why im not really active with my blog....i probably need to fight with my accounting subject for almost that's why i dont really have time to post everyday..

(FACT 2) I am mix dad is a 100% hongkong and my mom born in u can tell im chinese....But i don't look chinese at all, well my sister do look like chinesse...But i look more like arabian rather than chinese...i dont know where is the look come from...i asked my mom about that, because i was wondering did my mom have a secret affair with arabian guy before, or am i really her son, and she was sooo mad....Am i wrong ??

( FACT 3) I love to be different, and i love to have something different than somebody else....i mean whenever people wear a normal white t-shirt , i would be the one who add a little touch for that by add a little rebel ripped accent, and it would be one of a kind....u know what i mean ??

( FACT 4) Im a shoes fetish.....i loooove shoes...I just feels like it never be too much pairs...just cant live without shoes, well no body can....i would be the person who will stop buying bucks for so long to buy a pair of, i cant afford it...maybe some day, but yeah, that's represent how much i love shoes....

( FACT 5) I LOOOOOOVE skincare....i just start to taking care of my self, since i get a major breakout which i feel like the end of the world because im stressed out...And after that i just mind whatever thing that i put on my face even i do care about the ingredient before buying skin stuff....i don't know, but i just love skincare...and i just start to layering my skincare before i sleep, im not joking i can put on 6 layer of skincare before i go to bed...And i wake up with a great face.....And with my routine it start to reducing my i mean it works...

(FACT 6 ) Im a huge fans of accessories.....i love rings, i love necklace, i love hand band (yup handband sounds more masculine rite) ....i just looove to over accessorizing 4 necklace 3 rings whatever..if i grow with 15 fingers , i would wear more rings on that....i can wear only simple white tee, but cant go out with at least a necklace, rings and handband and fancy shoes....


IMG_7455 copy

(FACT 7) My biggest concern is my bedroom and bathroom , i really need both of those place to relaxing and stay a way from a hectic stress life for awhile...So i need a good and nice and clean bedroom and bathroom...but most importantly is my bedroom..there's the place u stayed most, i just can't stay in my bathroom for hours, except when i pampering my self there....but for my bedroom, i should put lots of love and taking care of them..a bed room suppose to made me feels like in a little safe area like a part of western country style baby room which contained lots of peacefulness and love....and love to burning a calming and relaxing aromatherapy, just make it a perfect sleeping paradise...
Believe it or not whenever my friends come into my room 80% of them always feel sleepy immediately, and 75% of them would rest in peace for next 45 minutes....




so thats all guys.....That's all random fact about me that i think its pretty fun to share....FYI : my first idea to do this tag post is i would love to make it into a fun live video, because i think that will me more fun to watch than reaf but im so sorry guys, i dont feel really well today. my nose can't stop making a waterfall......and i want to post this tagged awards as soon as possible so i change my idea an make it into a blog post...sorry guys,,it might be a little bit boring, but i'd try my best to make a intresting one
thx for understanding and for stopping by, i hope u like it....

so im tagging
-diana rikasari
-glister n blister
-CallMeDiiiyn (i think i remember this girl, we used to be at the same junior high isn't it ??)
-fashion maverick

i know that's just five people im tagging, i must break a rule for a little bit.....but i think that's okay....since lots of blogger already been tagged by another person...


Monday, March 14, 2011

Makeup for Success

Olla guys.....miss u lot.....So today im going to show u a fun makeover featuring one of my best and gorgeous client.....LOL....So she ask me to gave her a makeup lesson for everyday, and i think thats gonna be really really fun u know teaching people makeup and reality tips for everyday glamming up....Id rather open a makeup course with 100 of people live , rather than doing a private course with a kids, i will mess up their brain before mom know it....kidding ( i love kids ) . So last week we did our makeup lesson, and everything going really really well, and we just spend so much fun but still nervous about her total new look, and about what will people think....So ill show u guys, about the result of our makeup lesson..We did a simple makeup look for office wear which is fresh and young..(My Favourite look)....So here we go, and u can tell me about the result, better or much better or totally fabulous new girl in town...

This is her, u can tell she has a really really pale skin and pale let see the after transformation


So as u can tell, we played with a hair clip extension which is the magic tool, this thing made a total 180 degree spin, u guys should try it also, maybe this thing could change your life....And we quite a lot of bronzer, since she has a really pale as sick tone, and bronzer does really work on !!! u can see that she look like she just been kissed by a california sun...Fabulous...


that's all guys, thx for stopping by, i do appreciate it....And i hope u enjoy with my post, because i think a simple everyday transformation is much more fun....hahaha...
And i hope u like it, and i hope this will be useful for u...(i mean to find a good makeup teacher...eheeeem)... that's it i'll see u guys soon...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

"Hot Chocolate" (Tutorial)

Hey Guys !!! Finally i made my first video tutorial to all of you guys.....This gonna be fun !!!! So i just want to start with a thing that really basic, its a pretty sweet brown eye makeup which i love to say "hot chocolate " look, which is wearable to any accasion day and night....And it just simple and easy to do it yourself....So what i want you to do is, watch my video, and leave me comment about that and u can also put request.....And i also want u to redoing this makeup look, i just want to see how do you rock it !!!

make sure to subscribe , for more video !!!
hope u like it !!!

(fyi : i just upload it in my first channel, since i have a problem with my new channel (google matter and email verification stuff) do u guys know hoe to done with it ??...let me know....Ya so i'll upload another tutorial in my new channel after im done with all ill tell u later )

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rebel With Cause (makeover)

Olla peeps !!!! how's your week....well, i wish u had a wonderful week.....Time went really fast, in a blink it thursday again, see how fast is it....So actually there's lots of fun thing that had happen in this week, from a photo shoot to a crazy drama ahead...But actually enjoy it, so mind that..... today im back again and i want to show u a gorgeous makeover, which i did for my client for a photo shoot...I think its not a wearable look for everyday , but i do think this makeup look is totally rocking the photo lens, even in a black and white shoot this picture turn a gorgeous snap....
So this look is bassically its a seductive strong smokey eyes, with a nude lips, and bone contour without a blush hint...So i think this look might be a little bit advertorial something, and rocking match the look i do a hair scrunch look, its a messy wave and volume ...LOOOOVEEEE...
So lets us just take a look..

So there we go, and that's it...i hope u like this post and enjoy....
To view more picture of this shoot please CLICK HERE and feel free to leave a comment ...
thanks a ton dear for stopping by....