Thursday, January 28, 2010

Judith Leiber

Guys, do u still remember the hilarious bags in the "sex and the city" movie ?? Remember the blink blink it bag ?? carrie bring the eiffel tower bag ?? and a little girl bring the cutest cupcake bag ? its really catch our attention and curious about it...well Judith Leiber was behind it all....bag designer which i think hilarious and can made the bag shape that out of normal....but however i loooove it and I would not refuse if there is going to given to me.....i just want it..


Monday, January 25, 2010

Barli asmara....

Another talented local designer that catch my blingee eyes...give it up to "Barli Asmara"....well this guy really started his career from the bottom and now he's become someone famous....well this time he release his modern, futuristic , outrageous and bold design...well her design was identic with girly stuff, pink, pastel, lace....and all should be different for now.....lets enjoy...

Well its crazy isnt it ?? i dont know how to say the ornaments and the shape of the dress....but its funtastic....i want it alllll.....soooooooo proud...

Local designer (lenny Agustin)

Well hey guys...lately i realize about my fashion post, lots of them were foreign designer, i mean international designer, not local.....well i really need to put my on them from now , local also can beat the international fashion with the couture, style and the design that unique and out of line...if i can say sorry to them all i just gonna say it cause im really loooove them right now....well not just me that need to be proud of them, but also u guys because they worth to love....

Ok so, this young talented designer catch my eyes first...Lenny Agustin...the couture and modern touch on her design made her design in the spotlight....well i just want to said something unique about her lastest design....lots of them were made from recycled stuff and nature stuff..and modern ethnic design was just outrageous....lets just enjoy her design....

Catch up with the hair....its from plastic rope trash.....its so crative and funtastic....

Well i just really proud of my local designer.....who can have idea like this before...well i believe one of them fabrics were from cassava something and origami...but i forget which one....
Ok that's all...i gonna post more local designer cause they are adorable.....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Think and Wake....

Now let us consider Hartner analysis and refer the following matters are:

If you live in a nice house, have plenty to eat and can read - then you are part of a select group and are richer than 75% of the other earth.

If you have a good home, have a lot of food, can read, have a computer, then you are part of an elite group.

If you woke up this morning and felt fine - you are more fortunate than the millions of people who may who may not survive until this week

If you have never felt the danger of war, the loneliness of being imprisoned, in pain from torture, or starvation - you are more fortunate than 500 million other people.

If you can attend a political meeting, joined the campaign, the candidates, discussion and religious meeting without fear of being arrested, tortured, excommunicated - you are more fortunate, since more than 3 billion inhabitants of the earth can not do it freely.

You also may include members of the 8% group of rich people of the world - if you currently have money in the wallet, the bank and able to spend some money to eat in restaurants.

And if you read this message until the end - you've just got a double bounty: for someone thinking about you, and you are more fortunate than 2 billion people who can not read at all.

So. Hopefully you can enjoy this beautiful day. Sitting in front of the computer, designing a good future, care for others. Calculate your lucky gift-good bath, and convey to others to remind, that in fact we were very lucky.

So what more to ask ?? We all lucky and need to be thankful...



One Shoulder Dress

Hey am i showing u another fashion forecast....and now its time for one shoulder dress to die for.....The sexy muse kim kardashian wear it a lot, i think she die to wear it, she love it really much.....for me, Its super sexy and classy.......U need a try...

This is my fave from all !!!

A pop never less

Well that's all for the forecast....i hope u like it and it give u inspiration..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PICNIC For Fashion Panic

Need to be up to date ?? lazy for shopping out there by the rainy season ?? Well i have the solution ....Just visit PICNIC , they have everything adorable and afordable stuff.....Its Just feel like u're having picnic just by a click....Its really One stop fashion online shop...Trust me, give PICNIC a try to bring u to fashionista world...Well i think they made in indonesia, so its worth to love....If we dont love our local product, who love it ??


Colour Me Nude

Hello amigos !!! i come with this fashion forecast....and now i want to tell u guys about NUDE NUDE....Well its a really basic sexy colour for me, instead black...i bet this year a nude colour gonna have a time place...

Rebz Tips: Try to add a pop of colour for more or gold instead being nude from head to toe...(dead looking)

My fave louboutin.....he known with him nude patent pumps....
Rebz Tips : If u guys afraid to look pale with nude outfit, but still want to wear nude....i recommend u guys to choose the pinkish nude colour , i mean nude pink, milky pink. well i bet its work for the people who already have the pale skin.....