Tuesday, March 27, 2012



HEY GUYS !!!!! its really been a long time since my last post.
im not retire yet as a blogger people, i do love my job, but there's a lot more important thing to do at the moment.
As you guys know, im still a senior high student.
And if u did notice , im on my last year of school, which mean im about to graduate from high school.
It's absolutely exciting, i definitely looking forward to have a long holiday, fix my career and move to the next level and move to university.. wohooo...
but as excited as i'am, the time that im having is also limited.
only 3 WEEKS left until national test. As you know its the test that "change your life" so i gotta work hard on it.
And also since the beginning of the year , my schedule got clear, which mean i decided to not taking any job and also take a break from a blogging world.
U know why rite, there are test over test, task over task that i need to done well.
And the craziest thing is for the last grader students, class start at 6am, its insane...
I took a break in every of my professional work because i don't want to have any pressure by working, so i can focus with my school, and done everything excellently .
I cant promise u anything fancy people, but for sure i'll be back blogging soon and do a better post and creation.
but for now, i just really want to get graduate with a nice score, so please everyone wish me luck for that..

So here's the last makeover that i did.
And i just want to show u quickly about that before i get back to be a nerd for next 3 or 4 weeks...
i did this simple makeover for my client Eva Kosasih, she's also the owner of the amazing cake shop called chocology cakeshop.She's also the one who made my christian louboutin b'day cake...Check her out people, she's amazing.
So i decided to create a simple, vintage look on her...
just a basic pastel purple color on her eyes and a coral lips.
just check her out..

Before as usual.....

eva 1
eva 2

that's it people...im so sorry for making you guys to wait, but i'll be back soon when i finish with everything...
and sure i'll keep it up with my work and do better...
thanks for understanding guys. Love u and keep it FAB!!