Friday, May 11, 2012

The Skin Food Black Sugar Mask (Advertorial & Review) ----> Narcissus Edition

Olla Gorgeous !!!
How are u ?
Well, For me, its been an amazing week.
Lots of good stuff going on, lots of inspirations and motivations...LOL
So, i've been asked by lots my blog readers or some random people who came by my blog "wether this blog owner is a guy or a girl".
I mean, how long have u been reading my blog ?
And im pretty sure that i've been making it clear ,if im a regular MEN who just concern about beauty and fashion (they just like my middle name).
Well Im not blaming anybody, let me just take it as my mistake, since i rarely post my self portrait in my blog....
Well, never mind about that, because of that thought i decide to put more of my self portrait in my post.
And that's start from now...!!!
So today, i come up with another new kind of post, i find my self is not a typical blogger who make review or advertorial post.
But today i gonna give it a shot !!

Have u ever struggled with those 2 common skin problems ? I know those 2 problem are making us feel not confidence for close up...Well not just for girls, but Men also hate dead skin and dry skin. Do u find men attractive with un-pampered skin ? This happen to a lots of us. especially us who've been dealing with air conditioner and pollution at the whole entire day.
But i got a perfect weapon to fight with this problem.

I've been using this mask by The skin food for almost 2 years, and by the time Im doing this review, I did finished my second jar, and now starting with my third jar...
For me, this is a dual-function product, why ??
As u can read this product is a Black Sugar (SCRUB) + Mask, which mean by the time u're removing your dead skin cells, it also give u a great moisture.
Its been my weekly skincare routine for 2 years...
And this is how i do the process for 2 years...

Start of with a WET FACE (its gotta be wet to help the sugar to melt, or it gonna feel too harsh on your skin).
The consistency are very thick, so u probably need a amount of......please figure it out by looking at the picture. I know it look gross on the picture, but it smells good, so i don't know why im holding my breath in the shoot,, SILLY..

Rub....Rub....Rub...until u don't feel any harsh sugar pieces left.
So while you're exfoliating your skin, the product consistency will turn into a liquid mask kind of texture...

And than, wait for the liberal amount of time...1...2.3...15 minutes will be okay..
Somehow i feel if this mask turn into a darker color by the time (reminds me with fake tan)..
Don't mind the silly picture please, im just making effort by being narciss...LOLS...

RINSE IT !! Well don't be lazy ok...go to your bathroom or sink to rinse it off !!!
THis water is for washing your face...i use it for...

Its also better to clean your face with facial wash, to really remove the excess mask residue on your face, somehow its not a paper mask, so the excess residue might be clogging your pores...
And than, use some toner on your face...

And now, u can really see the different from the first picture rite ??
i get more glow, healthier and smoother skin.
I definitely feel the different by doing it from the first time.

FYI : Don't u think that im cheating in all of the pictures in this post. My face is not touched by photoshop at all, its only the contrast and marks. So the glow and the skin that u seen are 100% all natural. That's why u can see my pimples and blemishes..

MY THOUGHT : This product are AWESOME !!
somehow i didn't recommend this stuff for you, who have a acne prone skin or super sensitive skin , because this product contains chunks of sugar scrubs which could be harsh enough for your sensitive or acne prone skin.
But for normal to combination skin people, this product must be in your shopping list.
It give u a awesome moisture , and at the same time it removing your dead skin and leave it smooth...
And i think this product made of pure sugar, since it smells like it.
But seriously don't try to lick it (or maybe im just stupid), taste like a face mask !!! DUH...
Can't say enough about this product, better try it your self and experience the awesome result from this scrub mask!

So that's all people, i hope this post are useful for all of you.
And hope you're having fun with my post..
Well, excuse my crazy and random pose from it, don't give it a damn people, im just trying to having fun and not being boring.
And i know, some of u might think that my lips are thick and red. Well, it all natural without plumper or lipstick
and if u guys still wondering how did i get those lips or maybe u hate it..
u can E-mail my mom for more information about that.

Well please share your thought about this post, wether u like it or not...
And lets share some idea with me by leaving comment down below .

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Thanks a tons for stopping by people !!!
see u next time !!!


  1. You look really good on the picture!

    Bellez ( lol i'm following you XD )

  2. Such a fun review~~ love the way you describe the benefit of the product.. and LOL for sent u’r mom an email to ask about your red lips..hahahaha
    Nice to meet you~~

  3. Cocok jadi talent advertorial buat men's beauty! Looks so photogenic hahaha... I remember I also did something like this, but not brave enough to post my awkward pose LOL

  4. setuju sama gaby :) hahaha cocok bgt buat advertorial kayak gini.. u did a great job.. i am following you too :)


  5. Cakeeppp.. You look so cuteee.. ^^ Nice post franky! :D

  6. lol, im having so much fun just seeing all the picture here, soo fun!!!!!

  7. OH! I really love this product!! Bikin muka jadi terasa haluuuussss banget setelah dibilas =)

  8. FRANKY! Don't try to look cute, or I'll rape you.. with my duo-fibre brush's handle. [envious]

    BTW, nice advertorial!

  9. OMG GUYS !!!! I never thought about all of the good responses that u guys send !!!!
    padahal g cuma modal nekat doank and muka tebel....(Racun dari Stella Lee sudah merasuk)

    @christabella : Makasiiiiih !!!!! u look gorgeous too !!!

    @Sasha : thanks gorgeous , iya nih daripada dikomen macem2 mendingan g bilang dulu aja...hahaha

    @Gabby & ihearthana : Amiiin, nanti berberapa bulan lagi muka aku ada di bilboard sudirman ya , jadi talent LOREAL (semoga dibaca boss Loreal)

    @ceecile : Makasiiiih !!! hahahha this is Fun !!!

    @Dita : Thanks !!!! hope u get entertained by my post..

    @Sabrina : My key of awesome !!!! tos...

    @endi : Im trying to look manly instead !! cuma apa boleh buat, muka memang gk bisa di boongin ya...!! mau g di rape pake duo fiber brush nya MAC !!!

  10. Cute review!
    Suka bgt sama konsep reviewnya.. :)

    Aniway, aku juga pake black sugar wash mask dulu, udah habis 1 jar dan suka! Ga terlalu kasar, ga terlalu lembut, scrubnya bisa melt dan baunya manis!

    Tp blm repurchase soalnya uda terlanjur beli macem2 scrub dan blm pd habis.. :p

  11. @ephong : thanks banget ya sudah mampir hehehe...glad to know that you're having fun....
    iya, hehehe aku sih suka bangeeeet ama yang ini, ada rekomendasi scrub apa lagi ya yang bagus...hmmmm

  12. Wow, foto-fotonya seger banget! XD Jadi pengen pergi keluar jalan-jalan siang bolong.
    Aku pernah dapet sampelnya Black Sugar Mask ini, teksturnya emang enak, dan abis dibilas nggak nyisa. Tapi aku paling suka baunya! Manis tapi nggak giung. :D

  13. @ningrun : yaaaay, so happy to know that u get entertained by it....iya, my fave nih, sebelum dapet yang lebih bagus aku gk mau pindah !!!!
    hahaha...btw im a big fans of your art loooh !!!! aku juga mau dnk dibikinin gambar aku !!!!

  14. fer fer your blog is awesomeee keep going ya,ntr kalo i ada event harus lo yg make up in ahhahhah. anyway gara2 lo gue coba nih sugar mask skinfood ini and the result is totally awesome felt so glowing and fresh :D
    ps: can you guess who am i? hihi

  15. XD LMAO yes, your mom sponsored those lips alright!

    Btw it was a fun review, congrats! Stays original okay!

  16. @vega : hi gorgeous, thanks for your positive response !!! waaaah, u mangil nama asli berarti kenal nih...hmmmm...vega siapaaaaa ya ?? kayaknya kenal..

    @clevergirl : hi there, thanks for coming...glad to know that you're having fun here....

  17. Aiih aih seger banget ngeliat mukanya pas udah bersih!! Skin Food masks are awesome! Jadi pengen beliin buat suami XD Nice review franky..

  18. @carryn : hi carryn, iya ayo dibeli buat suaminya, trus suruh cobain and tulis honest review from your husband....pasti seru deh postingan nya...hahahaa..siapa tau setelah pake ini wajah suami berubah seperti nicolas saputra...hahahaha

  19. Hi franky, you look so cuteeee... :)))
    Awas lho tau-tau besok nongol di CF udah jd model benerannya the skin food.. Hihhihi
    Btw, wajahmu mirip aktor thailand, tapi lupa ding namanya siapa.. hehe

  20. @milla : hi there !!! amiiiiiiin !! didoakan ya...hahahhaa
    aktor thailand yang mana ? yg bagusan ya, jangan disamain sama
    nongpoy hahaha..thanks for coming