Tuesday, May 1, 2012

"Jesus Christ Makeover" (Behind The Scene)

Hi peeps !!!
how are u ?? hope you're doing amazing.
So today im here with another makeover post, but its not a regular makeover post, its an extreme kind of makeover that we've been working on for month long to find the technique ....
so keep it in mind, that u will not find any pretty or glamourous muse inside.

I've been asked by the leader to create a "replica of Jesus Christ". But here they say the real challenge, they want something very real and not just makeup.
I thought " whaaaaat, we need to abuse the actor ?? ". But relax guys, they mean something looking realistic , dimensional, and 3D, and they challenge me to figure it out for no matter what.
Special effect cosmetics such as latex and else first came in my mind, but to find it in my country was crazily hard and yet expensive, and yet the latex mold alone doesn't stay for long time it self, almost give up . But thanks God that im not alone, i have a great and awesomely talented makeup team that helped to figure it out, and they solve the problem, major proud for them.

FYI : this post contain lots of disgusting pictures. For you who had a major heart attack or mild seizures, please leave this page when start to feel severe nausea. But again this doesn't contains any abusive material, it just makeup. So please don't sue me people. Im just a makeup artist, and not a murder. And please don't try this makeup at home, its not pretty and might disgusted people , yet scare them to death, which i already prove it by taking my "jesus" to the toilet at 5 AM....And please don't read this while eating.

So my journey was pretty crazy on that day, we shop for the product only 12 hours before the process, lucky us to complete the product that we need on that day.
So i arrived at my church at 2 AM by a taxi service, its funny since im still on my pajamas at that time, and the taxi driver thought i did run away from my house...LOLS
without keep it any longer, here we start the process...

The process it all takes about 4 hours...So proud of the actor since he's trying to be still,
and trying not to moving anything...And that's not easy at all, since i can't be still and keep my mouth shut for even 5 minutes #hyperactive


Here's the close up for the body....i know u guys need details rite ??

Are u asking for more detail ?? i know u want it real bad...here we go CLOOOSER...
How pretty is that....im sure my mom gonna scream all the way from USA to Indonesia if i prank her with this.

The best face makeup that done perfectly by a talented girl in the team...GRACE GIDEONY...so proud of u sista !

almost done. We're getting the final touch ready...At this moment, some of the girls from the team already losing their mind caused by lack of sleep..but at the end of the day, it brings laugh to everybody in the room, that's made our work easier...

Doneeee !!!! freaking 4 hours, never in my mind thought that i ever done this...WOHOOOOOO.
Don't tell me if its not awesome, its gonna hurt my girls and actor so bad...

Me, with barely open eyes...."Jesus" look pissed by me, i tortured his body enough....So don't hurt HIM anymore people, HIS sacrifice is not easy and cheap....

This picture prove how exhausted we are, we don't even know which camera to look at..Only "JESUS" know which one.
U know what ? to fully open our eyes at that time is not easy, we're proudly slanted at that time.

Legs shoot...i feel a slightly nausea at that time...I keep holding my breath during the final touch up before the show begin....Its looking very very real now...


Look at the face...i don't even know how the team choose the great actor...He's looking sooooo real..

Show Time !!! Im glad that people been so blessed by the performance, i know they work extremely hard for the role..so proud of them.

Ok, in case you're feeling a little bit sick right now. Here's the sweet appetizer to neutralize the sickness...

Ok, that's a wrap people !!!!!
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i hope u enjoy everything.
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  1. OMG! OMG! OMG!
    terpana *.*
    hasil make-up aja bikin merinding, klo itu luka beneran gmn? hahaha

  2. oh my gosh!!! That looks so real!!! Great job Franky!! ^^

  3. That!... is amazing!
    Looks veeery real at the last photo!

  4. Hey all !!!!! thanks for stopping by...
    @monica : iya aku yang bikin aja ampe mual2 gitu, untung blom makan pas itu, jadi gk ada yg keluar...hahah

    @the_story : makasih !!! apa kabar nih, lama tak nampak.

    @ceecile : thanks c !!!!

    @annisak F : makasiiiih dear...hope u like it...

    @felicia : wohoooo thanks a loooot...

    @Flow: thanks there, that's taken by one of the professional photographer at the event...


  5. Jesus Christ.. T----T this makeover makes me heartbroken.. about His sacrifice to us..
    Amazing makeover.. :)!

  6. ferrrr baru liat ini. astaga tampangku haha.. btw, ijin reposttt yahh di blogku.. aku ga sadar loh kamu bawa camera >.<

  7. ya ampun frank baru sadar.. km anak favour kah?
    grace itu tmnku se grj wkt dia di sby dulu.. :P hahaha

  8. @xiao vee : iya c, c grace temen deket aku hehehe...kita pelayanan bareng kok tiap minggu.....kapan2 main donk c, kita nanti makan bareng ama c gra juga...