Monday, December 5, 2011

Wacoal 30th Anniversary Fashion Report

Hello people ?? How do you do ??? Hope you had a amazing week going
Well I gonna spent my entire week with final exam, and crazy schedule
on weekend, but my blog is the other thing to say, I'll keep u guys
update with a new post...
As I promised before, i gonna show u the post about wacoal 30th
anniversary fashion show ( haven't read my post about wacoal
30anniversary, please click over here
), after dealing with YouTube
policy for quite many time, and uploading problem, finally I can show
this video to you guys without any problemo....
So here's it, the collaboration of wacoal with some talented local
designer such as hian tjen, CIEL, STAB ,SAINT and SINNER , ROCKinc , and lots more...
Big applause and lots of love for them, and please enjoooy !!!!

Thanks for watching and stopping bye
And stay tune for more awsome post...
Love u guys and have a great week



  1. great job frank!
    I never really got any problem with youtube policy, change the artist name and the song when youre mixing it with the video, i think it may help? lol

  2. whoo local designer, I wanna see TEX~~~ xD

  3. Stella lee : yup, i just tried that and its really works....thanks yo....and thanks for visiting my blog...hahahh....

    Rindodo : hi, and thanks for visiting , u mean by TEX SAVERIO ?? yup he's my favorite, but he's not participating in the show...too bad