Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stepping out from 2011

new year..
Hey Guys !!! How are u ??
i still cant believe its already the end of the year..
8 hours left to 2012 and im beyond excited...
i know my 2012 gonna be so much fun, there're gonna be much improvement in my life and work...

By the way, there's a lot of thing that i can be grateful in 2011 also...there're process to make me more mature. There're chances to show up better, and also experience for me to learn...
there's a lot more to be grateful about...

from winning the Magnum video contest until my video work get published on their website

get invited to MAKEUPFOREVER special event

being a WACOAL official blogger

and lots more that i cant count one by one...
So this year i learned a lot from my GOD, family, friend, people that i worked with and of course my reader...
Well, from the deepest of my heart , i would love to THANKS each of you for trusting me this year, for the uncountable support , and the blessing that u share with me...Im totally nothing with out these people...
Totally grateful for you guys around me for the entire year..
its been a great year people....
lotta love for you guys...

And for my 2012, i cant wait about what's gonna happen..
we'll never know rite ? since it's still a mystery.
but if i can wish and dream..
-of course i want to spend more time with my family, since we all busy together
-long life and be healthy for all of us (24/7 are not enough for me, i dont have time for being sick)
-And i want to be more awesome blogger and art worker..u know to make all of your request come true is part of my
wish also...i mean after my school graduate, i hope there's no more excuse for me to not keep in touch with you
-Talking about graduation and school, i hope that im graduate with a nice score of course..
-i want to make more awesome video since i know that you guys want it rite ?? my makeup video always get hits in my channel. Note it people, i said "IN MY OWN CHANNEL."

well right now i still blurry about my resolution if i should note it down.
But i already have the base and i believe that next year gonna be soooo awesome and fab...
Lots of dreams come true and shower by blessing to bless other people..
Really cant wait..
i think that's all, i wish u guys also have some great dreams and resolution in mind...
and believe it, i can guarantee they will come true..
btw, u can also check c pricill's post about her resolution (beauty&me)
So, Happy New Year 2012 Guys..!!1
See u next year..


  1. Happy New Year too ^^.. all great things begin from dreams too tough.. :D hope for the best in 2012

  2. Happy New Year!! ^^ Aku juga udah bikin postingannya lho, hehe.. Welcome 2012!

  3. chino : hey thanks for coming, happy new year too for you and your family dear...

    ceecile : hey c, happy new year ya....i just checked it out, its cool c.....hahah....hope all of our dream come true ya..

  4. hi~ found your blog dari beauty & me (priscillaclara), yg aku nemu dari nisa (blog) hahaha... nemu satu jadi nyambung ke sini...

    happy new year. interesting blog you have.

  5. cendana : hi gorgeous!!! thanks for coming... and happy new year for you and your family too !!!!