Friday, October 14, 2011

Wacoal 30th Anniversary event

Hello People ?? How are you ??
This week wacoal and me not going to publish a video for you guys. But instead, i have something fun to show you.
This week wacoal's having their 30th anniversary , cant believe its been a long time for them to shine.
So i gonna give you guys some reports about the event that i attended last saturday...
Since the first day i meet with wacoal person, they already mentioned that wacoal will having their 30th anniversary soon, and wacoal will be collaborated with some local designer to create a fabulous fashion show..
And this made me soooooo excited and can't wait for the day..

8th October 2011 is when the party was held.....actually the night before WACOAL was calling me, and they ask me to bring more blogger that i know to the event, even though the invitation only say that i can just bring 2 people , well of course not all the blogger, because im in the emergency moment and i tend to forget who should i ask to , sorry guys .
I know this might be their special request , so ill try to work on it..
And by the end of the day, stella lee and putri kansil accept my invitation and excited to come together with me....

Wacoal asked me to come early at 4pm to join the press conference, well this is my first press conference. And i just come without knowing what will be happen there....

And the press conference was hosted by Ary Kirana , she's wearing a pretty dress with a feather skirt, so cute yet gorgeous...

And the three successful man start to describing something behind the brand. (Mr. Nozomu Otsuka ; Mr Suryadi Sasmita ; Mr Mulyadi Saputra)

The prestigious Mr. Suryadi Samita told us about how did he start the brand
The Story is very inspiring, he said that he took the risk to build this Wacoal brand in indonesia, with a lots of falling down and disqualification because the quality of the bra is not qualified with Japan standard, and he should cut the brand from the bra and sell it to the relative.
And how hard he sell this brand in indonesia few decades ago, without any store or malls appear in jakarta, so they had to sell it in MATAHARI FASHION STORE OR TRADITIONAL STORE. Until today wacoal indonesia already produce their own bra in our beloved county INDONESIA , to be proud wacoal indonesia products were made in indonesia..And wacoal now have 50 boutiques 250 outlets in indonesia....

Mr Nozomu Otsuka "the vice president Director"
Wacoal was made with a high quality fabric, with a high standard. well i think that's true, i've touched the product before when im doing a quick wacoal preview in this post , and i know it will be comfortable to put on, of course not on me, i dont have boobies....LOLS...or maybe i could use it as a eye mask when im sleeping on plane, i know the air circulation for my eyes will be great...HAHAHA..ok stop the joke or they will sue me...

After the press conference we have some time to eat and eat, nobody taking the picture because we busily hunting for press well i mean tempura and hi quality sushi la...ok this is funny, while im busy to find my press target and wanting them to take picture and publish it somewhere or may be harper bazzar and ELLE magazine, stella were busy with her sushi and tempura hunt... And when i say what i wanted to achieve, stella said to me "of course no body want to take our picture la franky , we're holding a DSLR also. They think we're also press, how come a press taking picture of press" Owh my god, and i just realize that both of us have a huge camera hanging and look like press also. screw it, i miss my food for nonsense waiting....but its a lesson for me actually, next time i should not care about the press thing, let them just find us..And i finally find out " press will find a socialite with a hermes bag, rather than a social students with a huge camera" HAHAHAH...

And while we were busily eating and talking, stella suddenly yelled "FRANKY !! THERE'S MISS UNIVERSE" and we both run to the miss universe and putri Indonesia 2011, see we're press, we're act like a crazy photo hunter and beat each other off to took a picture of the beautiful ladies in the whole world and in indonesia...for this part we're acting like a beast, and not a glamorous kid who's coming to the big event...who care, its about miss universe and putri indonesia, we'll be back as a fabulous kids after getting the shoot..

OMG what in the world that they're so tall !!! and perfect and pretty...was wondering if they're ever used a pimple cream or blotting paper ??
This is not fair, stella have a small body and she's a girl, so she can get in front of the pretty lady easily, and she took the best picture, at that time i just want to step on her memory card...this is nooot fair....visit her blog, to find out the picture of miss universe looking at her're lucky to be small.....!!

ok done with the beast attitude, and now going back to be a cute innocent kids and sitting nice for the event...

The party was hosted by Ary kirana and Iwet Ramadhan , they both funny !! when the event just started and they try to open the show, suddenly ary kirana said " Stop, somebody taking the picture of us, lets pose " and this is the result...funny
i didn't get the picture of miss universe or miss indonesia stared at my cam, but i actually i did get the perfect picture of the host...ill call it " beda-beda tebel lah" comparing to a shoot with miss universe and indonesia....

The opening of the show by this two talented girl "ANGELS PERCUSSION" played something look like a drum set...its awsome....they successfully burn the floor...look at the picture, it burning rite ??

The speech by Mr.M. Jusuf Kalla the former vice president of republic indonesia...He's sooo funny, i just can listen to his funny and entertaining speech for hours. And he's so smart...."I was awkward when asked to talk about sexy stuff, but because of religious ministers present here, then everything becomes legitimate" this is so funny, but at the same time its kinnda offend for me....LOLS....

And then come the pink ribbon ceremony, this time the pink ribbon was delegated to the inspiring woman Dinda Nawangwulan who are breast cancer survivor, and now she build PINK SHIMMER INC foundation for breast cancer awareness and to support breast cancer victim. And you can visit her site, and show your support to them...

The happy shoot, when the pink ribbon was delegated to Dinda by Miss Universe and Miss Indonesia...What a proud Moment..

Accepting the donation for good cause...hope someday i can do that too..

And after that, we have dewi sandra perfomance....She's so lively and pretty...this is a total performance of a performer, im trying to learn by that..

And her crazy dancer....this is sick !!!

Well that's the report of the event...hope you can feel it and enjoy it...
FYI : stay tune for the fashion show report, ill make it done ASAP...

And thanks for stella lee who's accompany me that night, you're sweet...

And for c putri kansil , too bad that you're stuck in the traffic and couldn't made it..but its okay, i'd said your greet to miss universe who sat at the few row in front of us..LOLS

And to check out the amazing product by wacoal which becoming more fabulous from day to day....please visit the shopping site at...

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Bye !!!


  1. im pretty sure i have decent photo with you, why take my ugly one ROFL

    and ahahaha.. why you make me like a food hunter and mean to you! lol jk jk
    i had a great time with you frank, good to see you!

  2. Stella : come on dear, u never look bad in my picture, even my friend who never meet u, say you're pretty, that's happened minutes ago, and u should be proud. thanks to our #brandwar on twitter that day...hahahha....#realstory
    and you're not mean stella, u actually said a funny statement that i never realize before and its really true, you're realistic and funny....hahaha...

    Ci Putri : jangan iri donk cantiiik, kan aku ama stella dah kasih goodie bag....lumayan tuh ada pakaian sexy di dalemnya...hehe...

  3. Hi Ferdinand, i'm Dinda the survivor on the Wacoal event, can i share your blog on my FB or save the photo for my porto? i love it very much...thanks in advance Ferdinand...

    and nice to see you...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hai Kak Dinda...its nice to have u here, and thanks for visiting my blog, hope u have much fun here....
    Well of course, u can have the picture and upload it on your page as your portofolio, and u can also link my blog on your page.....
    im really glad that u like my picture and post....

    And thanks for shared the story at the event, u're so inspiring and reminds me with my 2 other aunt which also affected by breast cancer


  6. Thank you so much Ferdinand, you're so kind...yes absolutely i will share your link on my FB account you can also add my FB account on

    My prayers goes to your aunty then... hope everything went well on their treatment...

    Again, nice talking to you..and hope to see you again on the next event...


  7. kak dinda : you're welcome...sure ill add your FB....
    thanks anyway , but they're gone few years ago...ill definitely bring them to breast cancer organization if i know about that earlier....this thing encouraging me to do something for the organization and shared something, dont know what can i give, maybe someday i can do my part...we'll see...hahahaha...

  8. Great review're rock !!!