Saturday, November 27, 2010

Love And Vote

Hey are you guys doing ?? fabulous right ??
so here am i with another makeover and a important thing at the end...hahha . Let us start.....
And this makeover starring by, my fave muse again @r_vincentia....u guys cant be bored with her, because she's such a beauty oriental canvas to draw on....So in this makeover i wanted to do a fresh glowy makeup..well if i got chance i'll share to all of u what did i use on this makeup look, and u can cheat it too....simple and easy....But for now i have something more important to say rather than that....
please enjoy....

This Hot chick was totally fabulous , do u like the wavy hair ?? and do u think the eyes Were SMIZE ??

So here's the important thing....I just wondering for your little help to vote my muse...she's joining the model hunt from OPTIK SEIS
..And i just need u to vote for her, because i know u guys such a lovely person...hahha im not forcing u, but i just really wish u to :

-CLICK IN to OPTIK SEIS facebook page

-Press the LIKE button

-After that u can go to this link to make it easier CLICK HERE

- make sure that u see the picture that same as the picture above

-And please click the like button down there just like what am i doing...

-And Voila, u just being a supportive person for her....THANK YOU SO MUCH

FYI : Its 100% free (everybody love free stuff right), no viruses, no spyware, its totally safe to do that......

i hope for your little lovely help, and help her to reach her dream....remember im not forcing u, just do vote and press like on her if u like her, but if u hate her its better if u press the like button too, because u know that u should like your own enemy just like what written on the bible,,,,hahahha,,,

bye guys....
hope u like it...and thx for stopping by,,,,


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