Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hide My Blue

Hey Guys , How are u guys doing ?? good right ? because i am....And Here am i, with another makeover post...Now its starring by my fave muse's sister, she's regina, but we love to call her lady gaga, because she's just weird....hahhaa joke...
and this makeover themed on blue , blue remind me of baby colour which is soft , young , and i just want to created this look pretty with a matte clean skin which represent baby complexion, and soft pink lips, and just a simple eyes with a touch of blue glitter to make a pop...Im trying to make it pretty and sheer, so im not trying to use many colour, i just want to make the beauty of the blue appear......
Please Enjoy !!!!!

this simple and classic up do just made this look perfect..and a tiny blue braid just use to be cute for this look....

So Thx Guys For stopping by, i do really appreciate it....And just tell me how do u like it, because im still working on that...
so love you guys and good luck....



  1. i do really love your work!
    your sister is so pretty

  2. NANA : Hi there !!! thanks for coming....thanks for the compliment also, im glad that u like it for sure...

    1. Mau tanya dong. Aku liat foto before nya, eyelid nya itu antara kanan dan kiri ga sama kan.. Siap make up jd ga nampak. Alias cakepp >.< Bagi donk tips nya. Soalnya eyelid ku jg gt. Uda kupakein eyeliner , sebelah nampak, sebelah lagi ga nampak, jd aneh deh :(