Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yuri Cristine Sweet 17teen makeover

Hi guys, so here am i again with my new makeover post...hahah..and today's makeover starring by my friends " Yuri Cristine ". she ask me to did her sweet 17teen birthday makeup. She didnt gave me any theme, so i just wanted to created a really flawless and matte face makeup, bold and glittery smokey eyes and pink nude lips...And for hair, lately im really into japanese girl's hair, which have lots of hair, big volume ,and big wavy curl. And thanks a lot to god, because my client these day had lots of hair and eyelid, so its easily for me to here's some of the picture of her, please enjoy....

Before.....imagine how to made her look more mature that day....
After !!!!!

my tips for using loose glitter, to make it stay and easy to apply, just drop tiny bit of moisturizer in the back of your hand, than just dab a tinnnnnny bit of moisturizer on your eye brush, just make sure that ur brush was little damp by the moisturizer. and than dip your brush into the glitter, and than apply with a dab and dab motion. i think this trick was better than using the lash glue that would be easily to move your eye makeup and make your eyes look sticky....

so thats all guys, thx for stopping by, id really appreciated..keep moving guys, and so do i....

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