Friday, August 6, 2010

Lt Pro Palette (review)

Hello Guys, i want to introduce to all of u guys about my fave local brand of makeup, i think i just post too much about a good brand that internationaly famous, And i think u can find all the review for every international brand from the first time u googled it, but no for my local product. So i will blog about the local brand Called LT Pro, But first i think it just a unfamous brand that cheap and non good Quality. But im Wrong, this thing start to used by lots of makeup artist, and i also can prove it that the quality was comparable with another good brand its comparable with all the good brand out there from the pigmentation and another else, because i always did my client makeup with this palette, no matter on stage, party and photo shoot, and its always turn out FABULOUS.
So here We go.......

Lt Pro Perfecting Eye Colour (Pearly)
this is one of my fave eyeshadow palette from all, i love this palette is because first its cheap and have 10 goergeous colour. I love this shimmer texture, strong pigmentation, and the colours. i cant explain lots about this, but the thing that i dont like about this, is the fallout, i hate when its dust on the palette, it made my palette look so dirty....but overall i really like this, and its stay and dont stray....

I'll give u both of the swatches indoor and outdoor, because both of them were awsome...
So here's the swatches outdoor without any flash

This is the swatches of the pearly eyeshadow palette indoor without flash

Lt pro Powder Blush Palette

I bought this palette is because i saw its more easy to bring. 8 colours in one palette, include hilighter and contour colour. well tell u the truth that i really want the hilighter inside, i curious how does it look, so i decided to buy it..Well after that i really do love this pallete, from the colour pigmentation, and the colour , and all the colour here were matte except the hilighter. but the thing that i dont really like, was the texture, u hate dirty palette, it because when u swap your brush , u will get fallout on your pallete, its looks kinda like dusty and it made your palette looks dirty and hard to clean....and thats all the thing that i dont really like about this. but overall its a good product, and it also cheap. And this product was so amazing for on stage makeup or photoshoot with a big lighting, it look goergeous.

And here's the swatches for the blush without any flash and i took this pic outdoor..

And here some of my creation using Lt pro palette...u cant tell how goergeous was this palette works

So thanks for stopping by. i really wish this post will help u to know about some of my local brand , because they're worth to try..and thx for the support that u guys gave...and i really wish that i could give u guys more post about local brand, from beauty and fashion.. u all


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