Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hey Hey,,,quick update...
once again sorry for late post, well actually, im not lazy at all. But i dont have time lately even on my holiday. now time im back to school, and im sooo busy to work hard on this grade, im trying to get a better score than i work really hard for this time and trying to have a quick adaptation, so i can back to my normal routine, because n ow, i dont even have time for my english pray for me to get everything much more better this grade...lots of change in this grade, well im in eleventh grade right now and taking social class (as u know im really bad on physic yeah) . so imagine 10 hours for economic and geography, its mean sometimes we meet a same teacher for crazy work on that two....
and another reason is, my pc of course...i didnt get my new one till now....viruses everywhere, i dont even dare to plug my card reader or usb to my not stupid to bring viruses everywhere. i know, im trying to installed a anti viruses for so many times, but its still doesnt work,,,,,geez what kind of viruses is that ?? AIDS ??
So just wait please, i promise u and its true, i will do a lots of post after i can plug my camera to somewhere that can connect to my internet, but not to my sist's laptop, i hate to borrow stuff from pray for me, this month....Hongkong Post, makeover shoot, photo shoot, and lots more to wait,,,

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