Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Eyes weapons

Olla, i want to give u a tiny bit review about my favourite liner so far..people always have problem when they using eyeliner, no matter liquid, or pencil. The most common problem was smudge, its a big problem about the smudging eye liner, especially for the easily watering eyes....most of my clients have problem for the eyeliner, the eye wont stop raining while using that...and i want to show you the fave of mine that would probably help you...

My first fave product is this eye intensity pencil by oriflame. i saw lots of review that say this product is suc*s , the colour payoff, pigmentation, smudge always being the big problem by lots of people reviews for this thinggy...
But i have the different review, for me this thing is amazing, the colour payoff is wonderful, so pigmented, and work on waterline for good , especially for the watery fave colour is the black one, the colour glide on easily, its truly pigmented black, and its doesnt smudge easily, and good for waterline, and its easy to blend....
short story about this, i always success to use this on my client that have a really watery eyes, i just extremly watering while u start to touch the waterline area, even the makeup forever aqua eyes doesn't work, but this work on really good on my client eyes, and its doesnt smudge at all, and she feel suprised, believe me..u should try it, and its cheap..

the next one is this white liner from PAC, and again this local product quite impressed first its looks kindda scary white, and it look really unnatural. but why i still love this stuff ?? well its really help me to make a slanting eyes, tired eyes look awake, and really help to make a bigger and rounder eye effect, and this is my fave weapon, since lots of my client have a small eyes...its really works, i love this. the colour glide on so easily, pigmented, but its smudge quick...but the creative me always know how to make the thing works...LOL. and love this because its look fabulous on the camera.....its make something pop....

So i want to give u some quick fabulous tips :

-always warming up your liner pencil at the back of the hand before using it, its really help to melt some colours, so u probably can solve the problem of unpigmented liner..

-use your eye pencil gently, dont press it down when applying it on your waterline, its damaging, and also make your eyes watery easily..its about gentle touch & layering

-to make a smudge proof eyeliner, coat your eyeliner with a matching colour eyeshadow. so after u applied the eyeliner, than layering the line with the matching shadow, this how i work on my white pencil liner, and also my liquid liner..

-and the important things, always sharpening your pencil liner after use, or al least once a week, u dont want to send bacteria to your eyes yeah ??


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