Monday, May 10, 2010

Lulur sekar jagat Review

hey all....i want to give u a local product review..well indonesia got a famous spa treatment which lot of u know, i you dont know, u should know now and u should try...and today im reviewing a local spa product called "lulur sekar jagat "

what it is ?? well, its a spa product od course, its famous from bali the beautiful country...

what it does ? well it does well to lift up and wash off your dead skin, and made ur skin well moisture and glow and soft and bright.....WOW..And lets see how it looks like...

And my own review about it :
I looove this product, its really does remove your dead skin and also the dirt...and its smells really good !!! the smells spread around the house, im not kidding, this little jar of home spa really fabulous...i love the avocado smells, its fresh and really indonesia...i only thing that i didnt really like is, its look gross when removing....sure it is..but overall i really five this product 4.7 stars of proud of my local product..harhar,,,

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