Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quick Update

  Hey guys, here am i Franky Wu, come back with some post about makeover and event...well guys let me tell u about my later on activities....hahah...so now im not going to do lots of makeup job guys, im sorry cause im trying something new lately....and that's my own clothing line, well its not a line, but its pure my own design...im doing a men and women wear, well i cant tell u more about this since the first design ain't come out yet, im so excited about that, 2 more weeks and its done....well im going to take some photoshoot with my own design wear  this month, and i promise i'll post it soon here.....well and i more thing that i've been busy...EXAM EXAM EXAM....GRrrr....Ill have my exam till next monday, and after that i think that im going to do lots of christmas celebration preparation  in my school....so wish me luck guys....i can't tell u lots of stuffies now cause i need to study right away.....3 test for tomorrow.....and wish me luck guys...bye fellas....



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