Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brightspot market

Hey guys, are u guys still remember about the brightspot bazzar that i posted before..and as promise, i gonna show you guys about that event...but first of all, i think lots of them were local brand and design, but they all fabulous, really match our teenager ethnic and unique style..and im really proud about them, they proved if local thing not gonna lose with the internasional stuff..ill show 4 thumbs up for their creation.....

I should tell you guys, this is my favourite booth...."cotton ink". and i got a fringed scraf..i do love it all....

Well guys in this bazzar, i got my cotton ink scraf...and two acrylic rings....i love them all...but here's the bad thing...i lost and broke my rings,,,two of them, say it bad luck, cause i do have a big chapped on my tommy hilfiger parachute jacket...i gonna cried for this...i just use them all for first time when im hosted the christmas party yesterday, and they just lost them all in the same time....owh my madre...see im sad...

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