Tuesday, April 14, 2009


  Men got a passion in fashion...This not a joke anymore, not the time to laugh about this. "Straight men don't care about fashion or style, men who care about that was a drag." Thats what the old period people said..Everything were different now, its become the opposite about that old note..Forget about the trash notes....

  In this modern century, MEN always care about STYLE....In fact lot of that guys dress better than some of that girls...And some of that guys knows fashion better than ladies..They know how to style, how to dress, how to mix and match. And men know how to dress like a million with out a billion...So dont look down for the MEN, cause maybe we will have a better sense on it..

So here we go boys, from today dont be shy to show your style, cause you got that spotlight now.

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