Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Back to Black on Leather

   Leather is the happening fabric, that u can see almost on every runway show on 2009 . Before, i think leather is a fashion big no no on the street, cause i see that fashion items were use by lot of bikers & people who rode motorcycle. And some of the leather stuff will make u look like a naughty or wild something So that why i was thinking about that unstylish things is a big no no....

    But afterwards i change my mind, its being the most wanted fashion items for me right now, because most of the designer made a wonderful stuff with that fabric. Leather will make u look simple with a elegant, with a little bit of futuristic and gentle touch.

    I try really hard to find my perfect leather jacket or leather items , but that's really hard to find. Lot of that stuff that i found  not match and work on my body. But i still try to find one...just one and thats ok....When i still keep dreaming, let me share some of the 2009 fashion weeks picture..

 D&G 2009 fall MEN collection 

Diesel black gold 2009 collection

So why dont u try to find one, its a must have items on this season....



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