Saturday, December 29, 2012


Hey my beautiful and handome friends...
How's your christmas ?If u ask how's mine.
Mine is absolutely awesome, well nothing too glamorous, no expensive present or foods. But its awesome because i took my time to think about what i should be grateful about and what i already got, From anything happened in this entire year, new people around me, new experience and opportunity, new creativity and skill and the most importantly is another year of my life, im officialy turning 20 on this DECEMBER 26TH and a lot more, by that i realize these are the best present that i already got. So basically i got my present continuously for the entire year and almost everyday, not just on christmas day...#WISE #HellYeah

Moving on from Christmas, there're only few steps forward until new year 2013.
So what's best to do before new year rather than closing the chapter 2012 of your life tale with something nice and fun. So not only that, i was thinking about closing my 2012 blogpost with something interesting.

In this post i want to show you some pictures of my friend's pre-wedding picture. But please don't take it to seriously, i only took this picture as a little teaser or probably behind the scene, which mean Im not the main photographer here. As usual my main role is the Makeup Artist and Stylish, but i did took some picture for blog purposes, just to add something nice to close my 2012 Posting List. So, please enjoy..





IMG_7453  copy





The shoot was fun, i don't feel like working at that time, i only feel like having fun with the entire process, from choosing the clothes, doing the makeup, arranging the shoot. They about to get marry in february ,so i really can't wait for that, congrats them for that then.

Back to the first topic about new year, and closing our life chapter 2012 before moving to chapter 2013 . Lets share something about the resolution that we've made before starting our 2012. Mine, about 70% of that are fulfilled pretty nice. From contributing for the magazine, appear in some printed media, and do more blogging , Pray more, read bible everyday. But not forget to mention, not all of my resolution from the list can be fulfilled this year, but why focus on that, lets just be grateful about the things that already happen and live with it.

So basically my purposes on this post is about to share about the epic resolution that happen to me this year.
In order to make your resolution, who will not add some crazy resolution or dream into it right ? Mine is also same, did i mention some of my crazy dream or resolution, since its free and legal to write so why not to write down some of my crazy resolution.  Have i mention that one of my crazy resolution is about to be on the cover of the magazine rite ? its seems like pretty crazy, but i believe that everything start from a dream. So by the middle of the year, my dream magically happened.. My face magically appear on the book cover. lets take a look...

Photo on 2012-12-29 at 14.05

And i was like kinda Mad, but on the other handvi think its kinda funny about this , since no body mention me if this thing will happen, even the school official. Im not crazily mad with this, but i think this is major funny, i think its the funniest thing that happen to me by this year. When i wish to be appear on a cover of a magazine, i rather appear on my school's official notebook where used by hundred of students. By that, i wish they're all excited to take note since my face is on their notebook, but don't doodle on my face. So overall i count my resolution to be on the cover on a magazine as a fulfilled, At least its a cover la, and people see me. So what's your most epic resolution or dream that fulfilled this year ?? share by the comment below.

So by the end of the story, i want to say Happy New year to everyone, every gender , every race in every country. Lets start our 2013 together with joy and mercy. May this 2013 with be our year of increase. May God bless us all the way...

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  1. Happy belated birthdayyy~ Frank.. :D
    Lol.. Congrats frank impian jadi coverboy sudah tercapai :p Semoga dengan adanya wajahmu di situ semua anak semakin semangat belajar :D lol

    Happy new yearrr~ Have another amazing year :p

  2. Muahahaha.. Ngakak liat poto lu disitu.. :P
    Keren kok franky, keren.. :D
    Yes, sama2 berjuang di 2013!

  3. woa~ photonya prewednya bagus kak ^^
    astaga sangkin ganteng dan eksisnya kali makanya jadi photo di cover buku sekolah
    happy new year and christmas

  4. @sabrina : wakakaka, amiiin itulah yang aku harapkan, dengan adanya wajahku di sampul buku tulis, tingkat pendidikan dan pengetahuan dI iNDONESIA pun semakin meningkaaat...wakakaka..

    @ceecile : aaaa cc, how are u, miss u so much....ih itu foto diambil tiba2, lagi di kelas belajar tiba2 dipanggil disuruh foto, coba di kabarin dulu, aku pasti bakalan keche....

    @sharon : wakakka aduuuh makasiiih, jadi maluuuu...happy new year and merry christmas too ya....

  5. ahaha prengkyy, bagus2 foto prewednyaa. sukaa! mantep dah. ehehe.. merry xmas and happy new year yaa! sakses selaluu buatmu! hihi :D

  6. happy belated birthday, Franky :)
    Love the make up you did, awhsum!
    btw congrats ya sudah jadi cover boy buku sekolah..wkwkwkwk

  7. iiihhhii ada bintang coverboy di sini xD
    btw foto2mu bagus frank ^^ komposisi dan warna nya bagus, eksrpesi modelnya juga dapet!! good job!

  8. @felicia : yaaaay makasiiih yaaa !!!! happy new year too gorgeous !!

    @adel : makasih adeeel, hope next year i could make something fantastic....ahahaha besok tunggu aku di cover tabloit NOVA..LOLS

    @xiaovee : iiih jadi maluuu aku...iya nih, masih belajar2 juga biar makin jago jeprat jepret nya....