Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day to Night makeover with Grace

Hello People, how do u do ??
had blast with your 2012 ?
So today i wanna show u some makeover picture of my sister.
Well, i actually did a day and night makeup for her at her friend's wedding party..
She bring me along as her date brother, so i had to experience a gorgeous catholic wedding ceremony.
i'll talk later about the wedding detail.
Now we move on to the makeover look..
As usual i should show u the before pic...

The first look was inspired by floral bright color...

I kept everything matte and flawless with a hint of bronzer to create sunkissed look.
then i added a orange blush, i always love to play with bright color blush for day makeup.

Eyes :
Nothing much going on with her eyes...Just a earth tone color on her eyelid.
i added white on her waterline to opened her eyes and make it more awake..
than just put some usual black liner and eyelashes..

Lips :
Matte red lipstick will match this look since i want everything to be natural and fresh young looking...

Hair :
just a normal clip on extension, and i did a messy fishtail braid.
so overall, this look is very youthful and perfect if you're having day garden party..

And For the night...

nothing much change, the same complexion...but i add more bronzer to contour her face..

Eyes :
pretty much using deeper brown all over the lid...
than i smoke it out my using black at the outer V of her eyes and blend it upwards.
and im using more black liner and smudge it on the top and bottom lash line to create more dramatic effect.

Lips :
I top her lips with some concealer, and than i added some nude gloss on top...

Hair :
its a simple 5 minutes hair..
because we need to finish ASAP..
so i just let the hair down...
and VOILAAA !!!!

So that's all people..
hope u enjoy my post and have fun with it..
and hope this post inspired you for your next look...
and don't forget to gimme some response at the comment box...
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stay FABULOUS people !!
see u next time..



  1. she's your sister? cool!
    can u teach me all the techniques you own LOL you sure make an amazing job!

  2. I really like the Night looks :) she's so pretty. How did you conceal her acne ? it's so flawless :)


  3. Stella : she's my sister in god stel, also my best friend and spiritual mentor....hahahha you're awsome too, always love your eye makeup technique...sure....we should make a beauty class soon for fun !!!!

    Marsha : Hi marsha , thanks for visiting...well i used a thin bb cream layer for base, and than layered it with foundation, that's how you can get the flawless look...i seldom use concealer (except under eye) i just let the foundation done it work....hope its helpful..


  4. She's so pretty!! ^^
    Love your makeup too, you're so talented.. :D

  5. ceecile : hi c, thanks for the nice compliment !!! hahaha.....u're awsome and talented too....

  6. Awesomely done, Fer!!

    Tick tick..

    Still waiting for my turn :D

  7. You did a great great job here! That's a cute braiding done, and the night time is elegant.

  8. ci Eva : thanks c.....and thanks for coming also...sure c, kan dah di book tanggal 3 maret...hehehee..should buy a great eyeliner for you to use than..hahaa...

    cendana K : hi there....thanks for coming, hope u like it here in my blog..thanks for being awesome reader....

  9. Thank you de... OMG! Love it.. U DID AMAZING.. And friends, just so you know since then so many people have given great compliments for him. He did "the megawati" one last year also AND I really love it! Good job de! Keep doing it! G. K

  10. Thanks c G.K .....ill keep it up next time, and cant wait for another makeover with you c...

  11. Wow, the makeup looks so flawless... I have so much to learn from you :)