Saturday, January 21, 2012


Morning people...
Many of us may heard about bullying, u may even heard about one of your friend getting bullied, or u may seen it happen in front of your face...
But im pretty sure , the people who dare to make a move is only the amount of your finger count..

I've been a bullied victim before, when i was at primary school in overseas.
I was bullied because im a foreigner at that time, and still a 12 years old kids who don't know about protecting self or don't dare to speak up. So when i first move in the dorm, they put me in a dorm room with a couple of senior foreigner who age around 17 upwards, they hope the big guy could protect me since im the new one and don't know how to speak in significant language. Well after one week, they already kick me out from the room without any reason.
And then they put me into another room with people around my age, i thought im save over there, but i was wrong.
i ended up getting bullied everyday, every single afternoon. I always crying and lay on the floor after get bullied..
Well i don't remember about how they bullied me, but as far as i remember its not a major punch or kick, they just love to jump over me until i get down on the floor, pulling my body and dragging my body on the floor, and seriously it happen everyday for a year straight...
As a kids, i don't know what happen to my self , and i don't think that's a major big problem, so i dont think if i need to speak up. But after season change, i realize if im a bullying victim.
so after that i know when that things happen to me again, i know what i suppose to do...
And that just a quick story about me..

Until this year, i know there lots more bullying problem out there, they're getting more victim.
And the process getting 100% more serious than before...
now take a look at this...

we heard many bullying story out there, and some of them die caused by bullying.
it happened to a lot of us, and maybe the people around you.
thing get worst if you're a foreigner in overseas around the racist people, so that's why i HATE RACISM.
watching this video really break my heart into pieces, and i feel so mad about this.
i mean, what are they made from ?? dont they feel guilty..?
but thanks God because i know that they're bunch of stupid who record their action, and telling the world if they're a criminal.

With this post, i really hope if you're the one who get bullied, please dare to speak up and tell the person around you immediately.
im pretty sure if they gonna think twice after knowing the people that they're messing with is not a coward. They not gonna stop to do bullying until we're stopping them or until we realize that we're bullied.
And to all of you who seen this around you, please don't pretend if you're blind. You totally need to protect them, u tell the people around you, security or teacher. Or u can work your ass on the field to stop the fight...
they might run because get caught..

Random notes : the more i watched this stupid people video , i realize that 7 kids wants this asian kid's jacket ?? are u serious , what is that ?? ARMANI , BALMAIN ?? that's not even nice people...
And i heard they're yelling for backpack or bookpack something, seriously dude, its not HERMES...
so do u need the underwear ??
I was thinking about action movie, when a dude hiding a chip that can takeover the world, and get knocked because people trying get it away from him to take over the world...zzzzzz

watch the response from JReyez ....

please leave me some response in the comment box and tell me about your thought..
show me your awareness...

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  1. I hate bullying!!!

    Saya bukan pelaku maupun korban bullying. Tapi saat remaja saya pernah menyaksikan bullying bertahun-tahun tanpa berbuat apa-apa *dan saya cukup malu sebenarnya untuk mengingat hal ini*

    Saya berharap ada penyadaran dan penanganan serius mengenai hal ini, karena biasanya pelaku bullying bangga akan tindakan mereka :(

    Nice post, sist! Suatu saat saya akan bercerita mengenai pengalaman saya juga mengenai bullying di blog saya, agar banyak org menyadari bahwa hal itu masih banyak terjadi disekitar kita dan perlu dicegah!