Monday, October 10, 2011

Glamorous pink lips

Hey pretty, how's your week ?? something fun happened ??
well i just want to do a real quick post about a makeover that i did...
starring the beautiful girl named FINELA...
well this time i wanted to create the look that match her gorgeous pink dress, and the first one that come into my mind is a hot pink lips...
dont know why, but im so into hot pink lips and simple cat eye, its just perfect combo.....

Before magic...

After !!! she's rocking the look of glamorous pink....
For her eyes, i did put on the lashes that more slanted and wispies, this will make her eyes look longer and strong for this glamorous look, rather than round cute eyes....well its dramatic, but its amazing to work on.....I wanted to took the picture of the lashes in the box, but actually i forgot and throw out the box...LOLS..
finela 1

Finela with her beautiful sister....i didn't do her makeup, but another makeup artist did...but still gorgeous rite ?
finela 2

well that's it, and ill see u later with my another post....



  1. kereeen bangettt!!
    pengen belajar make up sama kamuu..hihi

    itu adonan nya apa? ^^

  2. wow.. cantik! ^^ I love her cat eye look.. so pretty!

  3. dude! why are you so talented!!! you should do my make up next time!

  4. mr franky wu.. this is awesome .. how can u make me sooooo gorrrrgeousss like this .. thnks anyway, i like my cat eye actually :D
    two thumbs up .. klo gw bisa kasih 10 jempol, gw acungkan !! huahaha.. thanks bro .. u are sooo talented! :)

  5. sever : thanks a loooot dear...glad that u like it..adonanya aku lupa nih, maap banget, soalnya aku suka asal ngambil2 gitu, and gk diperhatiin gitu bahanya...hehehe...but next time ill do it better with adding some important product that u used......thanks

  6. ceecile : thanks sista.....yes, i love it too, the lashes is the trick...but i forgot about the brand, because i always throw my lashes case and arrange it in my own way at the first time i got that...

    stella lee : thanks stella, awwwwww too sweet.....of course i would loooove to do your makeup, especially your great hair !!!

    Freuch : thanks fin for the trust, my pleasure to do your makeup...hahah..


  7. woww.. jadi cantik banget! well done frank!

  8. putri ; makasih c....hehehehe..ill work harder !!!