Sunday, October 17, 2010

Girl Next Door !!!!

Hey guys, here's another makeover post again.....Today's fabulous client name's Terrence Tiffany. She's so gorgeous and funny.. And i've got the responsibility to did her 17teen b'day makeover. We've been talking about it since before, we die to created a sexy smoldering smokey eyes, and nude lips. So its kind a rocking sexy and hot girl. But at that day i realize that everything that we talking about cant be happened because i saw her dress was too girly for that kind of look. So we change the plan.

So we created a fresh face makeup, paired with a soft smokey eyes, and natural pink lips, and thx god, its works wonder on her !!! and she really rock the smokey eyes that i put on her...

Before ....before.....before...

her eyes was naturally gorgeous even without makeup !!!! i looooove her eyes and complexion !!!


So thats it !!!! i just hope u like it, and thx for stopping by and follow me.....u know i looove u guys a lot.....and please keep support me thru my blog, please do read and follow !!! i would happy to have u here !!!

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