Thursday, January 21, 2010

Think and Wake....

Now let us consider Hartner analysis and refer the following matters are:

If you live in a nice house, have plenty to eat and can read - then you are part of a select group and are richer than 75% of the other earth.

If you have a good home, have a lot of food, can read, have a computer, then you are part of an elite group.

If you woke up this morning and felt fine - you are more fortunate than the millions of people who may who may not survive until this week

If you have never felt the danger of war, the loneliness of being imprisoned, in pain from torture, or starvation - you are more fortunate than 500 million other people.

If you can attend a political meeting, joined the campaign, the candidates, discussion and religious meeting without fear of being arrested, tortured, excommunicated - you are more fortunate, since more than 3 billion inhabitants of the earth can not do it freely.

You also may include members of the 8% group of rich people of the world - if you currently have money in the wallet, the bank and able to spend some money to eat in restaurants.

And if you read this message until the end - you've just got a double bounty: for someone thinking about you, and you are more fortunate than 2 billion people who can not read at all.

So. Hopefully you can enjoy this beautiful day. Sitting in front of the computer, designing a good future, care for others. Calculate your lucky gift-good bath, and convey to others to remind, that in fact we were very lucky.

So what more to ask ?? We all lucky and need to be thankful...



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