Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day and night party makeover

Hey guys....As promise here i am with a new makeover post....but im sorry its not really detail cause i wont get the before and hair detail look....Soorrryyy...Ok....Last week i got a new client with two makeup look request, its mean 1 for day and 1 for night....So i wanted to do the simple smokey brown and simple hair for day...and smokey blue and tight curl hair for night....Hmm...let me describe a little bit about the before look....this client have a quite serious dark circle and pale skin, and a deep cheekbone, and a little bit of dark overall she's look a little bit tired and pale with dark lips......So here we Go the after....

This is the makeup look for day ....simple  brown smokey and dark red lips.....really simple..and omg she got the really long hair, probably long till her waist, and i kinda suprised that i could made this fake shorl layer to her hair....haha....but sorry no details...but i promise i  will make the tutorial after this.....

And this is the night look,  the party  were the poolside theme , its kinda match with her dress, so  i created a  blue smokey.....with a  cut crease technique...and hot purple lips and pink cheek...cause i thing night party will need a heavy light, so i create something  light ready with more hilight and bronzer....

And thats it guys....i'd hope u like the makeover..ill do something better next time.....Keep your spotlight chikas



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