Saturday, November 19, 2011

VIDEO OF THE DAY : Yao Kin Sim Ai Sui

Hey guys. How are u ??
i just want to share something fun with u guys...
i found this video on my friend's wall post, and from the first time i watch the video i just cant stop laughing.
so i hope this video could brighten up your weekends...
and please...please watch this, totally fun !!!
i give the best credits to this talented Medanesse guy, cause he dare to jump out..
why ? as far as i know , lots of medanesse are arrogant and not into wide community..
big applause to him..
He got Swag...

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  1. hi there, this is the first time i visit ure blog, nice. any way don't you make a report about jakarta fashion week 2012?