Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sexy Little Tips with Wacoal "Sexy Little Items"

Hey Guys whatssup !!!!!
As you know from my last post about WACOAL thinggy going on..So i decided to make a little random, fun video for you guys to watch and enjoy.....In this Video i gonna introducing more about WACOAL with Their 3 different line, which include WACOAL, SORCI AGE, LULUDI. And three of them have a different character of style, and let me just bring you into something match your personality or interest.....

FYI : U will probably think that, this video is just funny, but trust me , i did work hard on it !!!!! so please enjoy and leave me comment and response to my video....and if u like it, u could also share this video to your friends or else.....and please dont forget to subscribe ...

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That's it dear , thanks for watching. And i wish u like my video !!! there's more video waiting for you, so please keep up with me !!!
good luck...



  1. wow i can see that you put lotsa effort on this video, nice job!

  2. Frannkkyyyyy... great video! ^^ It's really nice to see you so passionate about it, maju teruuusss... :D

  3. you are a great PR!!! it's not surprising they choose you to represent them xD

  4. Hi girls !! thanks a lot for watching my video !!!

    Stella : much effort , i did sacrifice my holiday !!! but it was totally fun..thx

    Ceecile : thanks , sure i'll work extra hard for next project !!

    双子のママ : Thanks doll !!! really glad that u like my video...