Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jakarta Marc jacobs fashion show 2010

Tuesday 20-03-2010, me country jakarta got a big fashion show...i dont know it is firt time or not, but i just heard about this....We're having a marc jacobs fashion show....This event was held at plazaq senayan....Well everything different from another fashion show in my country jakarta...this thime the fashion show not held in a hotel ballroom, a little touch of new york fashion week for this marc jacobs 2010 fashion collection. it was held in a white tent, just like what new york love to do for their fashion week....this time the runway was full of russian models wearing colourful next "it" items...from a yellow mini pants to hot pink hair bow, this is what can give us the next fabulous summer sensation...

well, people sorry...after i write down about this, i cant found any picture released yet...i just want to cry, i cant give u just love to figuring out how to get a seat for every runway show around my country....i want to have something really me, not stealing picture from any people's blog...have any idea ??

and now my pc going crazy, damn viruses jump from my camera to my pc.....sorry guys, but however i will try to do my best thru this blog....please support me !!


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