Tuesday, September 8, 2009


i finally realize that our senior high school was totally different with the junior high school...no matter for the test, homework, teaching system, like what i said, its different...just to give a example, at junior high school we could easily found the homework that the teacher gave..its mean u just typed the letter at the google empty bar, and voila all the answer and search no more, paste and "bANG" finish.....but no for senior high school.....its hard to found the answer for your homework, no matter ask google, but we still need to search for more than maybe 8 page with a click for  each suggestion, and sometimes we need to translate....hhaha...but however this what people call fun....and for me its quite fun, explore the net and its just like play hide and seek with the google page....but however im trying to enjoying my time right here cause, after this 3 years, we never feels how to wear uniform and same routine everyday....and i thing its not a time for meeting same people in the same time and class...haha just let it fun just like the playhouse,,,



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